The Austrian Imperial Crown

The Austrian Imperial Crown was created in Prague in 1602 for the Habsburg Emperor Rudolph II and remains to this day one of the most stunning works of the great Bohemian goldsmith, Jan Vermeyen. It is comprised of three major parts. The base circle with the fleur-de-lis form the traditional royal crown. The golden mitre […]

Why Rubies Owe Their Fame to Spinels, The Red Stone Reclaiming Its Place in The Spotlight

The gemstone is finally getting the recognition it rightly deserves! Natural uncut and rough pink spinel crystal. Historically, spinels were revered more than diamonds and rubies because of their luster, durability and hardness. Red is the color of danger and allure, of mischief and passion. On the catwalk, it is the color of the season, […]

It Took 100 Years, But August Has Been Upgraded

Everyone knows that each month has its own birthstone/s and many of you may know what they are. Those of you familiar with August’s birthstones are aware that peridot and Sardonyx represent the summer month, with the latter stone being the original birthstone and the former being added later on before becoming the month’s primary […]

Meet the New August Birthstone: Spinel

This story may make you go from green to red. If you were born in the month of August, you are most likely a Leo or (for those born after August 23), a Virgo. You have also been long accustomed to your birthstone being the light green Peridot. However, the Jewelers of America and the […]