The History of Peridot

Peridot jewelry dates back as far as the second millennium BC. These ancient Egyptian gems came from deposits on a small volcanic island in the Red Sea called Topazios, now known as St. John’s Island or Zabargad.Ancient Egyptians called peridot the “gem of the sun,” believing it protected its wearer from terrors of the night. […]

How to Choose The Best Peridot For You

Peridot is readily available for many types of jewelry. It can be very affordable and attractive, even in normal commercial qualities. Peridot can also come in large sizes and very intense colors to satisfy the most discriminating colored gemstone connoisseur. Color Peridot’s color ranges from pure green to yellowish green to greenish yellow. The finest […]

August Birthstone: Peridot…But That’s Not the Only One!

If fire appears to leap from the vibrant green surface of the Peridot, this may be because this gem is formed as a result of volcanic activity. Many years ago, natives discovered Peridot crystals in the black sands of Hawaii, explaining their presence as tears shed by Pele, the volcano goddess. Throughout history, August’s birthstone has […]

Silver’s Most Interesting Facts

Of course, everyone drools over gold but there’s another precious metal that you should be taking a look at: silver. Lots of people usually invest in silver or wear it as jewelry, but there is way more to silver than you think. Listed below are some facts about silver. Interesting Silver Facts • Silver is […]