What Are Fancy Color Diamonds?

Fancy colored diamonds are naturally colored diamonds. Past the color grade Z – on the white diamond scale – each color is the cause of certain alterations in the atomic structure of the rough. Once mined, the diamonds are cut to a shape the gemologist thinks will best highlight their incredible color. Fancy colored engagement […]

Some Fun Artsy Things to do This Weekend

Find the perfect things to do in Houston this weekend with our Houston Weekend Guide for Friday, April 13 to Sunday, April 15, 2018.  Eat your weight in barbecue, discover and celebrate Japanese traditions, create your own vision board, watch a free, outdoor concert, see the Disney princesses perform on ice, watch decorative art cars parade […]

The Centenary Diamond

Everyone hears about the Cullinan diamond, but not much is mentioned about the Centenary Diamond. Here’s its story. The diamond Jubilee of De Beers Consolidated Mines passed off quietly in 1948, the massive post-WWII growth and expansion of the diamond industry had barely begun, while several important sources of diamonds, including the Premier Mine, were […]

A Brief Look at the History & Evolution of the Diamond

3.3 Billion years ago Almost 200 km below the earth’s surface carbon began to evolve under extreme pressure and heat, the beginnings of the formation of the most valued commodity on earth, the Diamond. 322 BC – 185 BC Diamonds begin to appear in Europe as accent decoration in other forms of Jewelry. King Louis […]

A Little Diamond Magic Won’t Hurt

Diamonds were once believed to hold many magical, mystical and medicinal properties. The phosphorescence of certain diamonds (their ability to glow in the dark) was considered a proof of the stone’s extraordinary powers. Diamonds were thought to calm the mentally ill, and to ward off devils, phantoms and even nightmares. They were supposed to impart […]

The World Has A New Expensive Diamond

The world’s most expensive diamond per carat has sold to an unnamed buyer, Sotheby’s Diamonds announced on Friday. The 102.34-carat jewel is larger in diameter than a quarter and is considered the rarest white diamond ever to be sold. It is the world’s only known D-color round brilliant-cut diamond over 100 carats that is technically […]

Some of the World’s Most Famous Diamonds

The history of diamonds claims stories of famous diamonds often have complex and even controversial histories because of the secrecy surrounding such stones The Star of Africa At 530.20 carats the Cullinan I or Star Africa diamond is the largest cut diamond in the world. Pear-shaped, with 74 facets, it is set in the Royal […]