Rubies on the Red Carpet

A delight to adorn and a treat for the eyes – nothing can surpass the exemplary beauty of ruby jewelry. Rubies have dazzled the red-carpet events since a really long time. Our gorgeous celebrities have accessorized their designer dresses with some breath-taking ruby pieces. Let us go back and take a look at few of […]

The Timur Ruby and its Storied History

Though the fiery red color and luscious character of rubies have allured the world since centuries, yet some specific pieces have created niche for themselves in history. One of them is the Timur ruby. It has a rich history behind it. Asian in origin, it remained in the continent for long, before it was finally […]

The Jubilee Ruby

Christie’s again set a record for the most expensive colored gemstone sold at auction in the United States with its sale of the Jubilee ruby ring on April 20, 2016 in New York. The 15.99-carat Burmese ruby fetched more than $14.1 million at Christie’s New York Magnificent Jewels sale, making it the most expensive colored gemstone […]

French Crown Ruby Parure

Duchess of Angoulême was Queen of France for only 20 minutes in her lifetime, but she stamped her influence on the French crown jewels nevertheless.  Marie Thérèse of France (1778-1851) was the oldest and only surviving child of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette. While in exile following the French Revolution, she married her […]

Etcetera’s Beautiful Ruby & Diamond Lattice Necklace

This necklace took over Crimson Garland’s record as the most expensive ruby and diamond necklace sold at auction. In June 2015, it was sold at Christie’s Hong Kong for $12,997,122 to anonymous buyer. This necklace was designed as an articulated brilliant-cut diamond lattice-work band. It centers on a line of graduated pear-shaped diamonds. And those are framed by […]

Elizabeth Taylor’s Ruby Was A Stocking Stuffer

Richard Burton gave her the stunning jewel on Christmas day in 1968 It may not be one of Elizabeth Taylor’s most famous jewels, but her ruby and diamond ring by Van Cleef & Arpels has one of the most delightful backstories. “One day I’m going to find you the most perfect ruby in the world” […]

The Crimson Garland Ruby

This stunning piece is called the Crimson Garland. It hit Christie’s auction house in Hong Kong in November 2013. However, the detailed information about the telephone bidder has never been made public. He bought this necklace for $6,402,240. Also known as Etcetera’s Burmese ruby, this necklace held the title of the most expensive diamond and […]

Burmese Ruby Tiara

Most of the tiaras owned by Queen Elizabeth were inherited, and she’s largely left them alone (as opposed to her grandmother Queen Mary, who liked to redesign her gems on a regular basis). Today’s tiara is a unique look at what she does with gems when the design is not predetermined. . The queen commissioned this tiara from […]

The Hope Ruby

The highly anticipated auction of “Jewels for Hope: The Collection of Mrs. Lily Safra,” held on Monday, May 14, 2012 at Christie’s Geneva raised nearly $38 million with 100 percent sold by lot and by value, far exceeding its pre-sale estimate. The top lot of the sale was a 32.08 carats cushion-shaped Burmese ruby and diamond […]

Ruby: Fire and Passion

The Ruby is the most powerful of the red stones (which also include garnet, red jasper, and carnelian). In India, it was considered an especially important gift with which to honor Krishna. According to Hindu belief, the source of the gem’s glow was an internal flame that no mortal could extinguish. Its Sanskrit name is […]