Finding Your Inner Peace and Truly Love Yourself

With everything that has been going on in the world, this topic seems more important than ever.  Self-love is an action of providing yourself with unconditional love, nurture, comfort and respect. It does not mean that we are selfish humans (not all of the time), but that we need to love ourselves fully and entirely […]

Simplifying Your Life By Decluttering

What makes a person hold on to something for an indefinite period of time? Each day I meet people that hold on to items that they would otherwise discard, but if it were not for the thought that it once belonged to someone close to them that has since passed away. It’s a difficult decision […]

First European Battle on American Soil: 1565

With so much talk about the history of this country and how it’s been cherry picked and “white washed”, it might serve some well to actually know how the beginnings of our country actually came to be. Spanish forces under Pedro Menéndez de Avilés capture the French Huguenot settlement of Fort Caroline, near present-day Jacksonville, […]

Back to Your Corners! Or Not…

It’s amazing how quickly we sink into our defensive positions even after overcoming such difficult circumstances. These very powerful hurricanes which dealt us as a nation a one-two punch in both Texas and Florida brought out the true human side of us. It was mostly an eerily beautiful thing to witness, but it wasn’t without […]

Reality and Myths About Investing in Gold

For a few years now, the public hasn’t focused much on gold prices. However, the recent sabre-rattling in the Korean peninsula has the price fluctuating in every direction attracting renewed interest. So let’s have a look at gold prices, gold as an investment and investments in precious metals in general. We have all probably seen […]

What Does Depression Look Like? It May Surprise You!

Houston and the surrounding areas are suffering but there may be other things that people are dealing with. Sometimes when we think of depression we think of sad, crying and huddled up on the couch individuals who show us that they are physically depressed. And while some people feel comfortable to show this around their […]

How to get the Most From Your Insurance Company

If you have damage in your home due to Harvey, there are several things you need to know. 1.      If you have flood insurance, you must notify your insurance provider within 60 days of the flood damage. The National Flood Insurance Program has a step by step guide on how to file your flood claim.  Click […]

Coping With Hurricane Harvey

If you are now in the process of essentially gutting your home after Hurricane Harvey, here are some things to be aware of. Many people get sick after a flood and during the cleanup process because of all of the chemicals and pathogens that are contained in the many things within your home. One way […]

Hurricane Harvey and How You Can Help

It’s been a very rough few days for the majority of us, the rains have finally ceased but we all know that we have a long road ahead of us. If you were just scared of the idea that you could have flooded, please get over it. Seriously, we all were terrified that we could […]

This Ironman Suit is Happening!

Hold onto your seats Marvel fans and tech enthusiasts. Before you know it, a real-life “Iron Man” suit will be on the market — and yes, it can fly. Developed by Richard Browning, the co-founder of start-up company Gravity, the jet engine-powered flying suit was designed to “re-imagine manned flight.” With two arm-mounted engines that weigh up to […]