I’m Going to Fall From the Sky

Ok, my now infamous jump is happening in less than two weeks and I’m super stoked about it! I’ve been telling everyone I can that this is going to happen and there will be video uploaded for all to see. I have heard the fear from my son where he started with “Can I go […]

Will Gold Go Higher or Lower in 2019?

One of the big ten surprises that await investors in 2019 is gold dropping to $1,000 an ounce, said Blackstone Private Wealth Solutions vice chairman Byron Wien in his annual prediction. While the majority of analysts expect the gold rally to continue — and for the yellow metal to break out to the upside, after […]

The Government Shutdown & You

We, as a nation have been experiencing this government shutdown and while most of us haven’t felt the impact of it, there are many that have. Navigating something that you have no control over is difficult and the uncertainty of it makes it that much more frustrating for those affected. This would be a great […]

New Year, New You?

Every year when the new year rolls around, many of us write out a list of resolutions. Some of these include weight loss, smoking cessation, something new (car, house, job) among many other things and we give ourselves a deadline to reach these goals. We tell ourselves that because it’s a new year that we […]

Why I’m Truly Thankful

What are you thankful for? Why are you thankful? It’s such a loaded question for some and as easy as a breeze for others to answer. This question requires some serious thought because it’s easy to answer the simple generic “I’m thankful for family, friends, health and food among other things” but you should always […]

What Happened That Tuesday Morning

Many of the children born on that day are now coming of age. They haven’t grown up in a world where we haven’t been at war, in fact, that’s all they know. I’m not sure how sensitive they are to the great loss the we all faced that early Tuesday morning in September 2001. A […]

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

I’m taking a break from my normal jewelry focused blogging to bring attention to a topic that most of us don’t want to talk about: suicide. With the high-profile suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain happening this week within just days of each other, it’s important for each of to realize that you can’t […]

How Not to Get Scammed By T.V. Ads for Coins

If there is one story from this week that makes my blood boil is from the Houston Chronicle. They reported that a 72-year old woman was duped by the National Collector’s Mint (NCM) into purchasing $1.3 million in alleged rare coins. The elderly woman, like many other elderly who may not have the experience to deal with the […]

Why Selling Your Engagement Ring May Be the Way to Go

As Beyonce Says, “Ring Off!” On a day where people are receiving engagement rings, I’m going to talk about getting rid of one. Although the legal dust has settled and you are officially “divorced,” you probably realize that your process is not quite complete. Things are still messy and unclear; that’s because you’ve not yet […]