Will Gold Go Higher or Lower in 2019?

One of the big ten surprises that await investors in 2019 is gold dropping to $1,000 an ounce, said Blackstone Private Wealth Solutions vice chairman Byron Wien in his annual prediction. While the majority of analysts expect the gold rally to continue — and for the yellow metal to break out to the upside, after […]

Testing Gold At Home

The term “real gold” in its popular usage does not necessarily imply that a piece of jewelry is made of pure gold. It is usually the case that the gold used in jewelry is mixed with other metals to make the resulting alloy harder and less prone to bending. Real gold jewelry is made of […]

Top 8 Ways to Make Extra Cash This Holiday Season

With holiday shopping on almost everyone’s mind, here are the top 8 ways that you can make some extra #money. 1. Clean out your jewelry boxes. Yes, I will buy even your old and broken #jewelry. If you’re not sure if it’s real, just bring it in and I’ll test it for you. I’ll buy […]

Death Cleaning Should Be The Way To Go

You could die at any minute, which sucks. But what sucks more is how right after you die, your family and friends are going to show up at your house and stare, slack-jawed, at all your dumb stuff. They will be sad, certainly, but not too sad to rifle through all that dumb stuff, picking […]