As we discussed last time, to purpose to this exercise is to make you a better business manager or owner, and especially to help you to be the beat that you can be!

Step one is to determine who your competitors really are. OK, so you probably have their names tattooed on your brain, buy have you written it down and eyeballed the list? Are they really competition or just people in the same industry aiming at a different part of the market? If you’re selling Lamborghinis and your “competitor” sells Fiats, then truth is that you’re not really competitors at all.

One of the best ways of eliminating the competition is to narrow your niche and aim for a smaller market, BUT speak more specifically to them. You can achieve this by knowing who your idea customer is and acutely focus on the things they truly care about. This information can be gathered during the the interview process. Once you’ve establish a rapport, you can ask your customers questions that give you the answers that you seek. Pay attention and take notes!

Until tomorrow!

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