New Year, New You?

Every year when the new year rolls around, many of us write out a list of resolutions. Some of these include weight loss, smoking cessation, something new (car, house, job) among many other things and we give ourselves a deadline to reach these goals. We tell ourselves that because it’s a new year that we must do these things. Here’s the thing and there’s always a thing, you have to want this! You have to sincerely want the change what you write or think about. Wishing for it will not make it come true.

The reality is that change is not a “new year resolution”. It’s an ongoing process that you are actively working on every single day. Psychologically waiting for a specific day or time of the year to do something is self-defeating. In order for real change to happen, there has to be a consistent effort. If real change is what you’re looking for, then set your goals and move towards them every day. That’s how you’ll reach them!

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