On this journey, I’ve discovered that I have some fears that I need to eliminate in my life. They’re silly little things, but the changes were as a result of some life altering events in my past. So, I have challenged myself to do two very specific things and I have announced it to all my friends and family. The first thing is to get up on a ladder. Yes, I know it’s stupid sounding, but let me explain. 11 years ago, I was involved in a 5-vehicle accident. This accident shattered my knee, broke my leg and severely injured my back causing me to me in a wheelchair for six months as the doctors told me that I could lose my leg (complications from the surgeries) and possibly never walk again. Once the swelling went down in my back, the paralysis decreased and I began to regain feeling and movement began to return. However, my body was rejecting the metals they used in my leg and knee that reconstructed everything and had to be removed and replaced with other materials. This…absolutely…sucked…big…time! I had a tube inserted into my leg that was to drain the fluids and assist in the healing process. That was gross, but it was necessary in order for my leg to begin to heal and it did for the most part. 

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