What I want you to do is close your eyes. Envision what you desperately want in life. It can big or small, but it has to be meaningful and specific. Many lose the specificity of what they want, which turns into noise and never comes to fruition. They add it to the other noises in their lives and never accomplish what they really want. Are riches what you seek? Can you see yourself rich? Can you see yourself living the lifestyle that you deserve rather than the one you can get by with? Is the picture of what you desire crystal clear or is it fuzzy? You want to focus on that imagine so intensely that it is seared into your mind. Just like those optical illusions that as you stare at a page with an image on it, when you look away, the image is still present. Don’t let this image fade away and if you’re doing this with a burning desire, that image will become manifest.

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