Sardonyx – The Flower Red Poppy

The Sardonyx is the birthstone of August and its related flower is called the red poppy, a strong and wild species. This meaning that if you have a baby and he/she is born between the 23 July and the 23 of August he/she will be associated with the elements of protection and strength. During the plague era women used to put these stones under their children’s beds to protect them for catching diseases. The children that did not die and had the stone were considered royal in some towns and others were considered invincible. A Sardonyx baby can also be referred to as a Leo.

The Significance regarding the Cultural History of the Sardonyx:

Greek Beliefs:
The Greeks first discovered this stone in Western Turkey and named it Sardonyx, which means reddish brown and oxide, derived from the word “Sard”. Where the Greeks considered the stone as a protector against danger the Romans had their own belief. The popularity of this stone can be traced back as far as the 21st century.

Romans Belief:
The ancient Romans believed that the Sardonyx could be increased if it is rightly engraved. Therefore, the mineral was constantly carved with a symbol that represented Hercules and Mars, essentially bestowing the owner with the gift of fearlessness and courageousness. Many tribes believed that this stone held the ability to protect its owner against infections as well as poisonous bites and stings such as these of scorpions and spiders.

According to Legend:

  • If worn around the neck it relieves pain.
  • Attracts friends.
  • It helps with self-control issues.
  • Ensure happiness.
  • Increases the possibilities regarding success.

According to a very old belief Queen Elizabeth was given a Sadonyx stone set in a gold ring by her beloved Earl of Essex. He kept one for himself and the two rings became a symbol of their friendship. She then made the promise to always help him if he needed her too. Not long after, he was charged with treason and thrown in jail. Earl sent his ring to the queen which sadly never reached her and she thought he was too proud to beg for mercy and allowed the execution. Queen Elizabeth learned the truth, but too late, which led to a broken heart.

Actual Facts:
Sardonyx stones fall under the category of quartz. It is also the alternate Birthstone of August which ruling planet is The Sun. This birthstone is a different type of onyx which contains traces of color such as tan, brown and white.

  • The Red colored gem brings success and happiness.
  • The Pyramid attracts friends and positive energy.
  • The Egg as we know it helps to protect you against bad luck and danger.

For many years people have used these stones and crystals as ornaments which protect them against the wrong doings of others and kept them from misfortune and omens. By placing a stone in every corner of the house and windows it is believed that you as well as your house will be safe.