Do you think it’s time to panic yet? If you’re finished with your Christmas shopping then congratulations! You’re of the minority of people that have actually finished. As you will surely see this week, millions more are still not finished and the stores will certainly show you that. I will say this. I have been around town and I have been surprised to see the lack of cars in parking lots. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of cars, but I can remember in the not so distant past that there were announcements on radio stations about the capacity of especially the mall parking lots and waiting for parking to become available. The Galleria is almost always a mess to get in and out of, but during this peak shopping season, the surrounding area malls would be at capacity.


News reports have also been running numbers about sales totals and while they are up, I’m curious if they have factored in the increased prices in the stores? I haven’t been seeing many “door buster” deals going on and the Black Friday deals weren’t worth the hassle of it all. It’s easy to say that this year is better than last year, but if the ticket amount is higher, then of course those numbers are going to be reflective. It’s always a numbers game!


Whether you’re finished with you shopping or not, pack your patience for the ones out there with you. Take your time and have some sympathy for others around. It is the giving season after all, so give your patience and sympathy while you’re out and about!


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