Store closings for 2019 so far

Blame store closings on e-commerce or bad management whatever. The sad thing is there are some favorites for many that will no longer exist. Some are a surprise and some are like how did you last this long.

A lot of the blame according to Forbes is the problem who is running the show. You have a CEO who has to answer to investors and his job is to cut cost and increase profit, but the problem with that can become a less than happy shopping experience. In fact it can be just another chore to do. The talents of the merchant go out the window. They are trying to make the customer shopping experience so pleasant that the customer will return. That sounds good in theory as well, but customers have a way of comparing prices and if they find the same thing elsewhere, loyalty goes by the wayside.

E-commerce is preferable to many as they simply may not have the time to devote to brick and mortar. And for many items you use all the time, you can set your shipments up for once a month whatever works for you and you don’t have to worry about running out of whatever your item is. And there are those who simply prefer to go get the item, pay for it and walk out the door with it.

There are some items that would require a trip to the brick and mortar. There are a couple of stores that have decided to have lovely displays, great customer service and good prices. It is a pleasant shopping trip. And they have a website as well, but that does not always work. It is probably a good idea to try clothing on and then once you are aware of what your size is, e-commerce works, unless of course you need it the next day.

I think jewelry is another item one might want to try on. You have to see it on. Monitors are different and colors shades can be off enough that this is not exactly what you are looking for so the item goes back and you are disappointed because you had to wait for the shipment. Not everyone is Amazon.

It’s tough because there are those who are used to brick and mortar and they will stick with it. I don’t think the brick and mortar will disappear, but for some stores, yes.

It looks like the beginning of this year for store closings is much worse than last year.

Payless will close all of its stores this year. I was under the impression that Payless had the least expensive shoes around and it was great for kids who outgrow them so fast. I was wrong they could not keep up with stores like TJ Maxx and the like. This is the biggest store liquidation in US history.

Gymboree is closing this year. It could not compete with Target, WalMart, the Children’s Place, and Amazon, yet the Children’s Place is closing 45 stores in the US this year, they just came out of this a little stronger.

Family Dollar, Dollar Tree is going to close Family Dollar and they will change to Dollar Tree. Too many dollars.

Shopko is closing all their stores. The sad part about this is, some of our smaller towns around the country only had this store to shop at for general merchandise, now they have nothing.

Chico’s is closing along with Black Market/White house and 60 Soma shops. Chico’s had the dumbest way to size clothing. You more or less had to guess what your size was, one time and I was through with that. I picked up a size 4 and it looked like Omar the Tent maker made it. A size 4 there is a jumbo size of some sort and that was not always the case. The reason behind this is beyond me.

Gap is closing and this one hurts. It will be gradual but it will be gone. It was the place to go for TShirts, jeans, sweaters, etc, cool stuff. Now its Target and the like.

Retail giant Charlotte Russe is done. I have never been there so can’t tell by me if it will be missed much.

The story of Victoria’s Secret might end how it began — with people too embarrassed to buy lingerie in public. Thanks, Amazon! (Who’s buying lingerie on Amazon?)

But regardless, Victoria’s Secret is closing 53 stores this year because of a “decline in performance”. The same company who owns Victoria’s Secret owns Bath and Body Works, they are literally supporting everyone. For sure, bath and body works in a word, works. Victoria’s Secret became a Frederick’s of Hollywood, peek a boo sleazy lingerie.

Abercrombie and Fitch closing, that hurts too, at one time they sold classic clothing and then it slid off the grid.

JCP will probably close this year, how they stayed alive is beyond me, with all the competition they had and maybe it was the name, Pennys. Only store worse than this is Sears. There is something in a name. I got it at Penny’s or I got it at Neiman’s. I have this on a tea towel at home, should I collapse at Walmart, drag my dead body to Nordstrom. I am telling you it’s about the name.

This is a sad one as well, Henri Bendel, 125 year old institution that was the epitome of grace and style, go figure

Macy’s may die a slow death, more closings this year in nine states.

JCrew is hanging by a thread and yes I find this sad, this was a store mother and daughter could shop at and come to think of it the men’s department and kids department was nothing to sneeze at. Sad

Kohl’s and Nordstrom will each be closing a few stores, nothing to get too shook up about. Even they have non performing stores, I can’t imagine Nordstrom having any store that is not performing well, but then I just love the store.

Banana Republic on its way out. My son loved this store and they also had great classic style clothing..Times they are a changing.

Of course it goes without saying this is a lot of layoffs. Around 4,000 stores will close times number of employees per store. Not good.

There are 52 square feet of retail space per person in the United States, that is a staggering amount of space. To say this is saturation is an understatement, seems we are in the early stages of store closings.