Zebra Rock

Zebra Rock

With black stripes to complement its name sake animal, Zebra Rock is one of the best gemstones for dealing the pain within your body. It is also a gemstone that can help the individuals to hook up with the mother earth and to the countless power and love in the world. By such connections, it can illustrate us to perceive their own exact natures and assist us to see false impression. Moreover, it is mostly helpful in shielding one’s aura. Zebra Rock entails as a stone with metrical pattern, which is similar with zebra. By means of its specific figure, this stone is all about sense of balance.

It resembles with the yin/yang of Chinese beliefs, Zebra Rock also owns balanced attributes of opposing, yet flattering forces. In fact, it is also refers as “Zebra Jasper”, “Zebra Marble”, and “Zebra Agate”, as well. Zebra Rock Information Colours: Zebra Rock has unique white-banded and red-brown, grey and yellow.

Zebra Rock Information


Zebra Rock is discovered from Kunnanurra, Eastern Kimberley’s in Western Australia.


Zebra Rock acts to motivate individual’s physical force. It is magnificent to give determination and staying power. It further educates that it is not feasible to grant away all of one’s force or love. It also conveys sympathy and perception for others. In fact, it is best stone for contemplation and when performing religious work into a higher-realm. Moreover, it assists you to discover stability between polarities in life. It also facilitated to encourage the change from the material surface to the astral one, especially when considering the soul. It assists you to look the external attributes of others and motivates you to perceive the higher good and sacred nature of all aspects. It is also considered as a grounding stone, particularly with Aboriginal forces. Wearing such kind of jewellery is considered to keep centralized with the mother earth. The energy of this Zebra Rock can uplift humour, energy, and motivation. It always reminds the user that it is viable to provide all individual’s energy and affection.

Zebra Rock Pair

Holistic Aspects:

Zebra Rock is a mineral that can assist us attach to mother earth and to the boundless energy and love in the world. Physically, Zebra Rock increases power, and it is helpful for staying power, fortitude, bone issues, gums, osteoporosis, teeth, muscle tremor, and heart tremble.

Other Features:

The shade banding of zebra rock possibly is produced by the rhythmic rainfall of iron oxide during the variation of the stone by penetrating fluids. It has been used widely, as a decorative stone for statues, costume ornaments, parquets, paper weights and small sculptures. Some exclusive items of hollow ware, such as attractive vases and covered pots have been generated from zebra rock, sometimes combined with Kimberley woods.