About Turkiyenite

About Turkiyenite

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Turkiyenite buy Turkish jade direct from cutter.This stone is only found in Western turkey

it has jadiete and other minerals including quartz, orthoclase, epidote, chloritoid and phlogopite which give the stone that purple look.This stone is also known as Turkish lavender jade as shade purple colour do vary from deep purple to lavender and is only relatively new gemstone in that mining did not start till 1980 in Turkey

Commercial markets have greatly enjoyed this new gemstone and some Gemmologists do discuss if it is an actual jadeite a s concentration is appro 40-60%

This is important to inform buyers a s purple jadeite is one of the rarest forms of jade.

So whether it is jadeite or a rock ,it is undoubtable a popular gemstone for those who appreciate purple colours in a gemstone

Turkish purple jade does not have the luminesces or jadeite but the cost factor is the greatest advantage of this gemstone a s buyers do love the purple hues of this stone

The actual area of mining in turkey is actually small and reports are that the mine has had the majority already mined and only small deposits are found now

Many Turkish antiques and antique jewelry do display the stone with purple hues and is considered to have come from the same region.

This stone has hardness between 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness and polishes or carvers really good but needs plenty of water while cutting and not to use dry polish methods

Many jewellers use this stone with other gemstones in jewelry to make this stone the backing with gemstone or opal in front of the design

Designs are creative or simple wire wrap the stone if it is in a freeform shape