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Regarded as the first and foremost stone that enhances communication, Chrysocolla embraces the serenity and entice of turquoise-blue color that is considered great in discharging negative elements from the body thereby calming and tranquilizing inner wisdom and insight.

The name of this stone dates back to ancient times when it was us by people who used to solder gold. The name Chrysocolla has been derived from the Greek word ‘christs’ which means gold and ‘kolla’ which means glue. This word together means gold glue.

Chrysocolla is a philosophical stone, which encourages the wearer to disclose the highest of the knowledge he possesses so that he can benefit others also from his experiences and knowledge. It is also considered a powerful stone for those who speak for a living.

There is one very strange property that is attached with Chrysocolla since ancient times and that is that it encourages the people to stay at home. This is the stone for hermits, monks, and prisoners that diminish their feeling of being secluded and aloof from their family and closed ones. Those people whose minds wander a lot and never stay at one place are benefitted a lot from this stone.

Healing Properties

The benefits that Chrysocolla bestows on its wearer are:

  • Physical Healer

This soothing effect that this stone holds helps in fighting the nervous disorders, such as nervousness and depression, hyperkinetic movement, and feelings of remorse. It is a calming stone for women as it reduces menstrual pain, helps in pregnancy, and relieves the anxieties in first-time mothers.

Chrysocolla also helps out in the regulation of the thyroid and adrenal glands. It is an outstanding remedy for sore throats, cough, laryngitis and various other throat related problems. It also aids in blood pressure, diabetes, digestion, problems in lungs, rheumatism, arthritis, muscle cramps, infections, burns, scars, fever, and blood disorders.

  • Emotional Healer

Being an emotional healer, Chrysocolla makes the wearer learn about the virtues of keeping silent and expressing emotions both. The energy of this stone chases away angry words, emotional conflicts, and sarcastic thoughts. It allows one to share truth and wisdom with others through proper communication.

  • Spiritual Healer

Chrysocolla kindles the qualities of the wearer’s character so that he releases the anguish of negative emotions and makes him more humane towards others.  It lets the wearer accept the perfection of the universe by providing necessary knowledge in re-aligning the mental power, emotions, and physical body. It further enhances power and instils confidence in the one who wears it with the whole heart.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

This powerful stone is meant to particularly stimulate the throat chakra. It treats all the physical ailments occurring in the throat, like laryngitis, infection, thyroid, goitre etc. The throat chakra is the voice of the body that not only takes care of the expressions and thoughts of the person, but also helps in aligning all the other chakras.

Along with aligning the throat chakra, Chrysocolla is also believed to heal the heart chakra. Heart chakra acts as the bridge between all chakras above and beneath it and that is the reason to keep it unblocked and clean.

The Heart Chakra controls our communication with the outside world. It gives the wearer the ability to be in his identity in the world. When the heart chakra is out if balance, the person may feel controlled by another person or a relationship. Green crystals are considered amazing for unblocking blocked heart chakras due to which the wearer may deal well with the flows and ebbs while being in the situation of emotional turmoil.

Chrysocolla at a Glance

Other Names
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Chakra Healing NA
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Where is Chrysocolla found?

The noteworthy places where Chrysocolla is found are Israel, Chile, Cornwall in England, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Michigan, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania in the United States.

Chrysocolla Facts

Some facts about Chrysocolla

  • Chrysocolla honours the Greek goddess of wisdom, Sophia.
  • It is the stone of people born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.
  • Chrysocolla protects from the malice radiations of mobiles, and also safeguards from the obstructive neighbours.
  • Pure Chrysocolla is too soft, and hence cannot be used for jewellery purposes. The stone found with quartz deposits makes it strong enough to be used for jewellery.
  • It utilises water energy because of which it brings purity, stillness, and quietude in the wearer and the place where its crystal is kept.
  • European physicians used to mix Chrysocolla with water and sweetener to make gargle fro sore throats.
  • The elixir made of Chrysocolla has a very efficient laxative effect.

Metaphysical Properties

Chrysocolla has a very poor hardness of 2.5 to 3.5 on the Moh’s scale. It is normally found as botryoidal or curved stacks and coatings, or as layer fillings. It is sometimes also confused with turquoise due to its lighter shade.

It has vitreous to dull lustre, and has the diaphaneity between translucent to opaque.

Chrysocolla Color

Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper cyclosilicate mineral or simply a copper stone, the color of which ranges from light green to deep blue. Due to the combination of colors that it has, Chrysocolla is many times associated with Azurite and Malachite gemstones. Some of the Chrysocolla minerals contains cuprite, which is considered to be the mineral bestowing astuteness and prosperity in business.

Chrysocolla Colors