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A colorful mineral that is believed to show off the glittering effect of tiny crystals identifies as Druzy. The bewitching exquisiteness of this gem jewel provokes the creativity of the lapidaries to carve into a stunning jewel design. Further, it is believed that the striking druzy will take million of years to cover up the last layer of agate. Druzy is not always considered to be a variety of quartz. Nevertheless, it might too fall under the salver like groupings of garnets, malachite in conjunction with calcite moreover dolomite. The collective hues of Druzy are orange with the tints of red, blood red, and yellow with the tone of orange, pulpy shades of orange and yellow. It is further believed to occur in creamy white, tan, brown or pure white, pure brunette. In stipulations of its durability, it is merely unmatchable to any other beauty booster nugget. It is acknowledged to fabricates various tiny crystals of quartz that adds a velvety and squashy look. The sparklers of the Druzy that are created and twisted might appear to be large or medium. On the other hand, these crystals courses and whispered regaled with the coating of a flimsy film of gold, sterling silver or else sometimes with the coating of platinum, titanium. It whispers that when Druzy coats with the film of titanium it tends to extrude out the diverse shades of the rainbow lavender hue. Druzy with the base of agate are believed to be easy to dye in a hue of the rainbow. The stone is shaped out carefully to keep it from getting smashed up. Hence, the dimension may vary from diminutive nuggets to a bigger solitary. The Ogle gem jewel can further be polished to present off the mineral layers. Druze furthermore believes to a jewel of light which brings in the luminosity of joy and happiness all around. It is believed to bring in passion along with the feelings of Concord to the group as well as to the kinships. It is moreover known to possess the energy that helps to attain the spiritual worship. It is frequently known to purge as well as intensify the torso’s natural mending properties; it is furthermore considered to strengthen the core and life of its carrier. It is a stunning jewel, which in turn believed to supply the balance necessary to avoid depression or unnatural feelings of awe or trepidation. It is likewise understood to rally its carrier to unwind, thereby cutting down the hassle and stress levels. It is furthermore known to re-energize the overall torso by uplifting the emotional torso of its carrier. In traditions, it is known to a magical nugget to open the blocked energies that in the spell of life will allow its carrier to recover his self. It is known to enlighten the inner self to link up the overall torso to a higher supremacy. On a physical level, it is termed to strengthen the circulatory as well as immune systems which in spell serve to purify the reproductive organ. It is additionally recognized to care for the torso infections as well as known to lull down the emotional and mental troubles with the avail of its dynamism.

Healing Properties

Druzy is known to hold the propensity to offer positivity to its carrier that in turn provides calm to a tensed mind for making life stress free. It too draws out the pessimism from the inner aura of its carrier by infusing the positivity inside as well as outside the carrier’s whole torso. It is further known to stabilize the aura that in turn provokes creativity in the pragmatic thinking. The positive force of this gem jewel helps its carrier to develop the deep meditative state as well. It is further acknowledged to align all the imbalanced chakras of the torso. It is furthermore believed to keep its carrier physically, mentally as well as emotionally fit to vitalize the time of the prearranged life. It is further whispered to raise the physical, visual aspect, the emotional beauty of its carrier. Druzy is believed to rekindle the liveliness of its carrier to open the obstructions of the spirit which in turn help to seek the inner self. On a physical level, it is celebrated and worn to strengthen the immune as well as the circulatory system of the torso of its carrier. It if furthermore believed to purify the reproductive system along with the sexual troubles faced by its carrier. It is furthermore known to care for the torso infections as well as known to lull down the emotional and mental troubles with the avail of its dynamism. Those who believed in Feng Shui consider this druzy a perfect gem jewel that in the spell is known to bring its carrier from the lifeless corner to a zealous, lively corner of the life. It is moreover known to infuse softness in the voice by removing excess worries from the lifespan. It is too known to motive its carrier to think positive and accordingly, which further leads him to take sensible decisions. Further, it is whispered as a stone of creativity which in the spell promotes creative thoughts as well as removes all the imbalances of the overall torso.

Physical Healing:

Druzy is considered to raise the physical, visual aspects of its carrier by mending bones and cartilages to improve the posture of the physical torso. It is too known to cure teeth along with the joint subjects. It is further acknowledged to help its carrier in healthy eating, which in turn functions to get rid of the toxins from the physical torso. It is moreover celebrated to fuel up the metabolic rate of the torso which further helps to improve as well as mobilize the reserved energies of the torso. It rouses the functioning of the endocrine system as well. It is further believed to improve the digestive track along with the liver, gallbladder and pancreas that aid in better digestion to maintain proper health. It is too known to mend the symptoms of inefficient learning by curing CFS; depression also causes  to lethargy. It is moreover known to regulate the energies of the torso by absorbing the negative and excess energies as well as storing, releasing the positive energies. These positive vigor or forces are conceived to carry the life forces to enhance the organs of the body by cleaning them. It is further known to bring the torso back in balance. Further, known to reinforce the immune scheme it assimilates the vitamins too in the physical torso of its carrier. It is moreover branded to detoxify the blood as well as cure the malfunctioning of the nerves and heart. It if furthermore believed to purify the reproductive system along with the sexual troubles faced by its carrier.

Emotional Healing:

Druzy is a positive nugget to carry on; it is traditionally utilized to instill hope along with the optimism. It is branded to evade out the old impasses that might perimeter the boundaries of acceptance. It is moreover known to bring prosperity in the yoke of life which in turn helps its carrier to overcome the concerns. It is too recognized to delete the pessimism that blocks the energy of positive and creative thoughts. Druzy is a magnificent nugget that motivates its carrier to achieve goal prosperously. The calming essence of this jewel nugget on the carrier’s torso will help him to wipe out the emotional stress from the emotional torso, moreover from the surrounding aura. It is believed to create the self-worth in the eyes of its carrier. It is furthermore believed to attune the carrier’s torso with the vitalities of the cosmos that help to seek out the loving forces that beautifully surround the carrier from all around. The high vibes of this gem nugget are enriching to the soul of its carrier that in a future life is known to uphold joy, trust as well as optimism. It is further known to radiate the soothing oomph that helps to maintain the equilibrium of the emotional torso. It is too branded to guide its carrier to find his inner self and be with it in harmony. It is ought to provide calm to dissolve the stress or nervousness of everyday life. It is a nugget that is also believed to be fast in taking out the radical cases of depression. It is too celebrated to facilitate its carrier to maintain beautiful kinship with the loved ones.

Spiritual Healing:

Druzy is known to be a guide for a soul which helps its carrier to reach the spiritual destinations by experiencing the divine as well as by recalling the past life. The vigorous vibrations of this charismatic nugget are believed to clarify the channels through which the divine messages pass on to and fro from its carrier to the higher spiritual powers. It is further known to provide the key of the lock that leads to the gate of the divine home. It is moreover known to provide devices realization that helps him to decode the spiritual information that is encoded by the spiritual forces. It is too recognized to understand the force of wisdom embedded in the otherworldliness. Further, it is known to clean the emotional and mental torso that leads its carrier directly to the path of spiritualism that unfolds much-hidden truths of the given life.

Heals and Balances Chakra:

Druzy for its extraordinary eminence is known to activate the light of all the chakras of its carrier’s torso. The rainbow hues of this gem nugget tend to resonate in all the chakras and by turning them on it align and purify the entire system. It is further known to balance yin/yang vivacities. Yellow hues tend to trip on the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is affected as a chakra of the affinity. On the other hand, helps its carrier to enter into a deep meditative state as well as an aid to interpret the universe through his ideas. Golden hues identify with the Sacral Chakra, which help to manipulate the flow of data to and fro from the trunk to the cosmic kingdom. Green tones are further known to put in motion the Heart Chakra for emotional peace as well as for providing the protective shell that helps its carrier to remain from the emotional setbacks. The orange tints turn on the third eye chakra that helps to sight the universe in a confident manner. This chakra helps to afford up the carrier with new minds and imaginations. Purple hues are believed to trigger off the brow chakra that terms for its astuteness, acumen. White hues are linked or coupled with the crown chakra, which is believed to be a root of spirituality for its carrier.

Druzy at a Glance

Other Names
Crystal Habit
Refractive Index
Moh’s scale (hardness)
Chemical Formula
Chakra Healing NA
Birthstone NA
Zodiac NA

Where is Druzy found?

Druzy crops up worldwide; the most common is perhaps quartz Druze within voids in agates. Garnet, calcite, dolomite and a diversity of minerals may transpire as Druze coatings.

One can get Druzy nuggets from mineral and rock shows at lower prices than other jewel pieces. It utterly depends on the color and size of the stones, but one can find a great deal of value within a budget. The majority of the commercial Druzy quartz comes from Brazil.

Druzy Facts

Facts about Druzy

  • This druzy nugget is easy to work The glittering colors of this stone make it a sure-fire means to create something beautiful and is capturing to eyes.
  • There’s no small fragmenting with the piece of jewelry as the edges are usually like an elevated collar.
  • This stone contains agate substrate that can be polished to show off the mineral layers.
  • Sunshine Druzy comes in various sizes and varies from be very tiny pieces or larger pieces that used as display items.
  • It is fragile and can easily damaged, so need to cut carefully.
  • Pores carbonate clusters are frequently ground to possess desirable traits, such as the beautiful Druze quartz over sky blue Chrysocolla from Peru or the blocks of bright pink calcite from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Because of its sparkling appearance, Sunshine druses are sometimes used in jewelry making.
  • Many jewelers opt for Druze instead of rare gemstones since they are comparatively inexpensive and easy to make extinct.

Metaphysical Properties

Druzy is the preeminent healing nugget as it is said to pick up, store, reassign, and strengthen liveliness. It is grand to heal moreover poise all chakras, as it broadcasts the entire, inclusive spectrum of color frequencies, and can be in the single file to mend specific whinges. Druzy boosts mysticism and psychic problems. Druzy pulsations are riddled through color as well as transformed to supplement the pulsations for each color frequency, giving its carrier the balancing and flame aura of all the chakras. It is too known to boost the positive energy. Druzy of violet color is great to mend the crown chakra and develop intuition also to spiritual enlightenment. The blue color is for curing the throat furthermore third-eye chakras, allowing the carrier to trust his inner-voice, reveries, and passions. White color druzy encourages devout attunement. Gold Druzy is an institute to be paramount for the solar plexus chakra that uphold personal power, affluence, prosperity, as well as abundance. Silver boosts emotional stability, augments intuition, and dream-recalling.

Druzy Color

Druzy conjures of many tiny nuggets and has a velvety and squashy facade; this nugget has glisten as well as the great color that cut into various silhouettes. Druzy a bit pigeonholed as quartz as it grows gradually over millions of years and are set up as the very last layer of intensification on the agate or any more colorful base.  Druzy is a variety of mineral originates in a disc-like emergence, comparable to malachite, garnets, calcite moreover dolomite. Customary colors are white, yellow, brown, red, and orange. The druzy nugget sometimes coats with a layer of gold, platinum or a veneer of sterling silver, titanium. When it has titanium on it, it appends cerulean, purple, or a hotchpotch of rainbow colors. Agates are trouble-free to dye. Thus, many different tints of backdrops for the druzy can be twisted and fashioned.

Druzy Colors


Basic Information About Dioptase

Basic Information About Dioptase

Dioptase is one of the most gorgeous and valuable minerals on Earth due to its high quality crystallization, amazing color, and rarity. Chemically, dioptase is a trigonal hydrated copper silicate- CuSiO3·H2O. It forms large rhombohedral crystals in oxidized copper ores that grow up to 3cm, though very uncommonly they can be larger. 12693-06Dioptase is commonly associated with calcite and quartz as well as many other copper and lead secondary minerals such as malachite, chrysocolla, plancheite, shattuckite, wulfenite, descloizite, mottramite, and duftite, all of these forming from weathering hydrothermally formed copper sulfides. Dioptase requires natural buffering of acidic solutions leaching from weathering copper sulfides to form because the solubility of silica and silicate anions in aqueous solution is proportional to pH and steeply reduced at lower pHs. Buffering is often facilitated by the presence of calcite in limestone. The calcite dissolves when attacked by protons in acidic solutions forming water and carbon dioxide which is emitted as a gas. Typically, when this kind of acid buffering occurs, chrysocolla is formed but under rare circumstances where the concentrations of copper and dissolved silica are correct and gorgeous crystals of dioptase grow!

16085_02Dioptase, despite its simple composition is a relatively rare mineral. It is only found in high quality crystals at a few localities worldwide, the majority of which being in Africa. Despite the limited distribution of the species worldwide, dioptase often occurs in very high It was originally discovered at a small copper deposit in Altyn Tyube, Kazakhstan which is in a very isolated portion of the Central Asian steppe. Here, the dioptase was confused for emerald by Russian and Kazakh miners and thought to be an extremely high grade deposit. Famous french mineralogist René Just Haüy determined that these then unknown crystals were a new mineral due to their hardness, which is less than that of emerald, presence of copper, and crystallography and in 1797, announced the discovery and chose the name dioptase for the mineral’s two cleavage angles which are very visible in crystals. Many fine specimens are still recovered from Altyn Tyube and green dioptase staining is observed abundantly on rocks everywhere near the site!


Dioptase is a staple for any high quality mineral collection that represents international localities. A good miniature to small cabinet specimen of dioptase will typically cost over $500 but will add a magnificent shimmer and special splash of emerald green color that will draw eyes to your cabinet of minerals! The best dioptase specimens are often in in the $1000 to $5000 range though rightfully so- they represent the highest standard in nature’s beauty. For the gem collector, faceted dioptase is available only rarely and is not appropriate for jewelry because it is so soft and can be chipped when dropped. Choosing a solid dioptase specimen is a great first task to build your skills in planning a fine mineral collection!

Basic Information About Dioptase

Color Change Diaspore Gemstone Information

Color Change Diaspore Gemstone Information

About Color Change Diaspore – History and Introduction

Color change diaspore is an extremely rare gemstone-quality form of aluminum oxide hydroxide, one of three major mineral components of bauxite, an important ore of aluminum widely used for many industrial purposes. Color change diaspore is extremely rare and as its descriptive name suggests, it has a unique ability to change color under different lighting conditions. Under natural light, most appear green with flashes of yellow, and under incandescent lighting, most stones will appear pink or champagne in color. When exposed to subdued lighting (candlelight), a light pinkish-orange to raspberry-red color can often be seen.

When color change diaspore was first introduced to the international gem market, it was marketed under the trade name, ‘Zultanite‘, after the company that owned the rights to the Turkish mines, as well as the branded patent name of ‘Csarite’. These marketing names were very short-lived, although branded stones are still available, but usually at a very high premium. Since these marketing branded trade names were never officially recognized in the gem industry, color change diaspore is most often simply referred to by its mineral name, diaspore.

Color change diaspore

Color change diaspore can be easily distinguished from other similar gemstones by the unique presence of pleochroism and its unmistakable color change effect. Only a few gemstone types are known to possess the ability to color change, which also includes alexandrite (chrysoberyl), sapphire, andesine and garnet. On very rare occasion, some diaspore may exhibit chatoyancy (cat’s eye) effects. This is referred to as cat’s eye diaspore. The intensity of color shift in color change diaspore is typically very faint in smaller stones, but with larger specimens, the color change can be very pronounced. In addition to the ability to change color, diaspore is also known to exhibit pleochroism.

Pleochroism is the ability to display various colors depending on the viewing angle and it is completely separate from the ability to change color. A single stone can appear violet-blue, light green or pink to dark-red, as a result of pleochroism. The excellent hardness and durability of diaspore can also help distinguish color change diaspore from any other similar materials. Diaspore also has a distinct pearly luster which is difficult to replicate. Additionally it has perfect cleavage like diamond and topaz, which is a distinguishing feature. Spodumene is often confused with diaspore, but it does not possess the rare optical properties of color change diaspore.

Diaspore was actually discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1801, but it wasn’t faceted as a gemstone until the early 1980s. The color change gemstone has only recently been mined on a commercial level, and although it can be found in various locations around the world, the only major commercial source is Mugla, Turkey. Other smaller, but notable deposits have been found in areas, including Russia’s Ural Mountain region, mainly the Saranovskii Mine in Sarany, as well in South Africa’s Wessels and N’Chwaning mines. Deposits of diaspore crystals were discovered at Chester, Massachusetts (USA), but these were not of major commercial value. Other notable sources include New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, UK, China, Arizona and Pennsylvania (USA).

Color Change Diaspore Color

Color change diaspore owes its color to manganese. Under natural or fluorescent light, most specimens appear light-olive or kiwi-green with flashes of yellow. Under incandescent lighting, the color shifts to more of a champagne hue. When exposed to subdued lighting (candlelight), a light pinkish-orange to raspberry-red color can be seen. Mixed lighting sources can result in color combinations. Color change diaspore also exhibits pleochroism; a single stone can appear violet-blue, light-green or pink to dark-red, depending on the viewing angle. Smaller gemstones tend to exhibit a lesser degree of color change than larger stones, though there are always exceptions.

Color Change Diaspore Clarity and Luster

Color change diaspore has an extremely attractive, vitreous to pearly luster. High quality specimens have excellent transparency, but inclusions are very common. Eye-clean specimens are extremely rare, especially in larger stones. Some diaspore occurs with translucent material, but top grade faceted stones are very clear and transparent.

Color Change Diaspore Cut and Shape

Color change diaspore is most often faceted into traditional shapes, such as oval facets and rectangular step cuts. Cat’s eye diaspore, a rare chatoyant variety, is always cut en cabochon. Since gem quality diaspore is extremely rare, fancy shapes and calibrated gems demand very high premiums. Gemstones over 3 carats are especially rare, and command very high premiums.

Color Change Diaspore Treatment

Color change diaspore is not known to be treated or enhanced in any way. It is one of the few gemstones that remains completely untreated and unenhanced, from mine to market.

Chemical Formula: AlO(OH) – Aluminum oxide
Crystal Structure: Orthorhombic
Color: Greenish-brown, colorless, white, pink, yellow, bluish
Hardness: 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale
Refractive Index: 1.702 to 1.750
Density: 3.30 to 3.39
Cleavage: Perfect
Transparency: Transparent to translucent
Double Refraction or Birefringence: 0.048
Luster: Vitreous to pearly
Fluorescence: Light-yellow, beige, bluish
Cat's Eye Diaspore
Buy Cat’s Eye Diaspore

Color change diaspore has very few similar gems, particularly due to its combination of rare optical properties. Gibbsite and boehmite are somewhat similar, especially since they are the other two major components of bauxite. Diaspore occurs as an alteration product of corundum, but although they share similar qualities, they are not exactly related.

Possibilities for confusion include chrysoberyl, cat’s eye chrysoberyl, alexandrite, cat’s eye alexandrite, color change sapphire and color change garnet. Cat’s eye diaspore has many unofficial trade names, including Turkish diaspore, cat’s eye Zultanite, empholite, kayserite and tanatarite, as well as various spelling variations of these names.

Most Popular Related Trade Names and Mineral Associations:

Chrome diaspore, mangan diaspore, Zultanite, cat’s eye diaspore, diaspore and Turkish diaspore are the most common trade names and mineral associations.

Lesser-Known Related Trade Names and Mineral Associations:

Empholite, kayserite, tanatarite, Csarite, ottomanite, kaolinite, chlorite, margarite, pyrophyllite, goethite, gibbsite and boehmite are some of the lesser-known trade names and mineral associations.

Crystal Healing Powers

Color change diaspore is not a very well-known gem, and since it is relatively new, there is very little fame, myth or legend associated with the stone. It is not known as an official birthstone for any month, and it has no official place in the scheme of astrology or planetary energies. However, color change diaspore is a gemstone of many colors, and in the metaphysical world of crystal energies, color is very important.

Crystals of green color are known to be strong and nurturing. Green is an earthy color, so green colored cat’s eye diaspore can help to encourage new life, growth and development. Olive colored stones are known to help with dedication and focus. They can enhance our hunger for knowledge and increase our yearning for wisdom. All shades of green represent intelligence, so both kiwi-green and olive-green gemstones will help strengthen the ability to learn and absorb knowledge.

The healing powers of gems have been mentioned for centuries by healers, shamans and medicine men from various cultures. Whether the beliefs are true or simply a placebo effect, it truly doesn’t matter as long as it helps those who believe and are in need. The best practice for alternative crystal healing is to wear the gemstone in direct contact with the skin, especially near the injured part of the body.

Color change diaspore is an excellent jewelry gemstone. Jewelry designers are very much attracted to color change gemstones, making diaspore extremely desirable and highly valuable. It has relatively good hardness (6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale) and a good level of durability, comparable to 
peridot and tanzanite. Its refractive index of 1.702-1.750 is between that of tanzanite and spinel, which means that it has attractive brilliance and a high level of dispersion.

Owing to its perfect cleavage, diaspore can cleave easily, so extra care should be taken when cutting, polishing and setting gems into jewelry. Color change diaspore is ideal for any type of jewelry, including earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, pins and brooches, but when wearing diaspore as a ring, it is recommended that extra care be taken to prevent hard knocks and blows which can cause the stone to split.

Note: Buy colored gemstones by size and not by carat weight. Colored stones vary in size-to-weight ratio. Some stones are larger and others are smaller than diamond by weight in comparison.


How to clean your gemstonesColor change diaspore is considerably hard, but it is still slightly softer than common quartz. Ordinary dust often contains traces of quartz, so simply wiping down your gemstone can eventually lead to a reduction of polish. Color change diaspore has a distinct perfect cleavage, very similar to diamond and topaz, which means a single blow can cause it to fracture. It is recommended that extra care be taken when cutting, polishing and setting the gem. Avoid wearing diaspore jewelry when working with harsh chemicals and cleaners, especially bleach and sulfuric acid. Always remove any gems or jewelry before playing sports, exercising or engaging in household chores.

Do not use ultrasonic cleaners or steamers to clean your gems and avoid extreme heat or temperature fluctuations. To clean your gemstone, simply use warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Be sure to rinse well to remove soapy residue. To prevent scratches, always keep your gems and jewelry separately when storing them. It is best to wrap them in a soft cloth or place them inside a fabric-lined jewelry box.


Diamond: Fun Facts

Diamond: Fun Facts

Diamond rough and cut diamond from Botswana

April’s birthstone. The hardest natural substance on Earth. More than a billion years old.

There’s a wealth of history and knowledge surrounding diamonds. This popular gem is brilliant, glamorous, breathtaking and mysterious. And you’ll add intriguing to the list after you read through these fun facts about diamonds.


  • Diamonds were used to engrave gemstones in India by 300 BCE.
  • Diamonds can be burned. To burn a diamond, it must be heated to between 1290-1650 degrees Fahrenheit. House fires and jewelers’ torches can sometimes reach that temperature.
  • D-to-Z color diamonds are the most widely used in jewelry, but diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow. For natural colored diamonds, blue, green, orange and red are the rarest; yellow and brown are the most common.
  • Diamond weight is measured in carats (not carrots or karats). The word carat is derived from keration, the Greek name for the carob tree whose seed was used for centuries as the standard of weighing precious stones. Because the seed could vary slightly in weight, in 1913, carat weight became metric; one metric carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams or 0.007 ounces.
  • The largest rough diamond, discovered in 1905, is the Cullinan diamond, weighing in at 3,106 carats (ct.)!

Fancy Color Diamonds

Courtesy of Alan Bronstein and Aurora Gems. Photo: Robert Weldon/GIA


  • Diamonds were formed billions of years ago through a combination of tremendous pressure and temperatures of 1652–2372 degrees Fahrenheit at depths between 90 and 120 miles beneath Earth’s surface.
  • Diamond crystals are brought closer to the Earth’s surface through volcanic activity.
  • Diamonds can be found in shallow alluvial deposits where the crystals settle after being transported away from the kimberlite pipes by geologic activity and rivers.
  • Around 30 percent of the diamonds mined worldwide are gem-quality.
  • Prior to the 18th century, most diamonds were found in India.
  • Diamonds were discovered in South America as early as 1725. The discovery occurred in Minas Gerais, Brazil, just as the production in India was dwindling.
  • Diamonds were found in North America in the 1840s, although this was soon eclipsed by the discovery of diamonds in Africa in the late 1860s and early 1870s and the ensuing Great Diamond Rush.
  • In 2014, Russia produced the most diamonds by volume and value.
  • With the opening of the Ekati mine in late 1988, and others in Canada, North America produces almost 10 percent of the total world diamond production by volume.
  • Even though the U.S. produces almost no diamonds for commercial consumption, America buys more than 40 percent of the world’s gem quality diamonds – making it the world’s largest diamond market.

Now that you know some fun facts about diamonds and where they come from, take a look at some of the most famous diamonds ever found.


Courtesy of Chip Clark, Smithsonian Institution. http://geogallery.si.edu/
  • The Hope Diamond, a Fancy dark grayish blue diamond, fashioned into a cushion brilliant cut, was originally 112 ct. before being cut to its present weight of 45.52 ct.
  • The Hope Diamond is said to be cursed. Although one of its owners, Evalyn McLean believed it to be her good luck charm, her life states otherwise; after possession of the gem, her young son died in a car accident, her husband divorced her and died insane, and her daughter committed suicide.
  • The Hope Diamond, perhaps the world’s most legendary gem, arrived at its present home at the Smithsonian Institution on Nov. 10, 1958 via the U.S. mail – albeit registered first class!


  • To date the Uncle Sam, discovered in 1924, is the largest diamond ever found in the U.S.
  • It was found in the world’s only diamond mine open to the public. The Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas is a dig-for-fee operation for tourists and rock hounds.
  • Since 1906, more than 70,000 diamonds have been discovered there, including the Uncle Sam diamond, weighing 40.23 ct.

In 2015, a park visitor found an 8.52 ct. diamond at the same park the diamond was discovered.


Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
  • The historic Cullinan diamond, found in South Africa in 1905, weighed an astounding 3,106 ct. It was cut into a total of 105 diamonds of exceptional color and clarity.
  • The Great Star of Africa (Cullinan I) weighs 530.20 ct. and the Lesser Star of Africa (Cullinan II) weighs 317.40 ct. These two diamonds are part of the crown jewels of Great Britain.
  • Cullinan III through Cullinan IX, and the remaining 96 diamonds cut from the Cullinan are in private collections.
  • The two largest stones are mounted in the British crown jewels, while eight others are part of Queen Elizabeth II’s private collection.


Photo by Robert Weldon/GIA
  • The 31.06 ct. Wittelsbach-Graff is one of the largest historic blue diamonds ever fashioned.
  • Blue diamonds are extremely rare. The presence of boron impurities is often responsible for the color of natural blue diamonds. However, their color can also be caused by radiation exposure or associated with hydrogen. Blue diamonds naturally colored by exposure to radiation are usually described as green-blue, whereas those with color that is associated with hydrogen are described as gray-violet to gray-blue.
  • The diamond belonged to the Bavarian House of Wittelsbach and was displayed in the Treasury of the Munich Residence until it disappeared in 1931. It was secretly sold in 1951, “rediscovered” in 1961, and then sold again in 1964 to an undisclosed private buyer.
  • In December 2008, the Wittelsbach-Graff (then called the Wittelsbach Blue) was sold at Christie’s London to jeweler Laurence Graff for just over $24.3 million.
  • The stone is graded Fancy Deep blue with IF clarity.
  • Because the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond and the Hope Diamond have similar color and long-lasting phosphorescence – and both are believed to have been mined in India– there has been widespread speculation that they were cut from the same crystal. But were they? Research published in the Summer 2010 issue of Gems & Gemology indicates that the two diamonds do not share a common parent.




Danburite is one of the highest vibration minerals, which has currently been found, and is new in the world of gems and jewels. The significant characteristic that Danburite contains is its quality of connecting the mind with the heart and heart with the mind.Danburite is a highly sought-after and spiritually amazing stone for the mankind due to the metaphysical properties that it contains. The Danburite stone helps the person to enlighten his life, and the pure love energy of Danburite that embraces love brings peace and serenity.

Healing Properties

The benefits that Danburite provides its customers are:

  • Physical Healer

Danburite is a brilliant healer of various ailments related to gallbladder, liver, and sexual organs. It detoxifies the body by eliminating all the unwanted substances. Danburite is an excellent tissue regenerator as well. It cures all the allergies, muscular sand skeletal troubles, childbirth related complications, aids in pregnancy, removes tumours and is also good for those who want to increase their weight.

  • Emotional Healer

Danburite is an excellent stone for emotional healing. It connects the person with the spiritual guides and realms. It is believed that if a person sits calmly with a Danburite stone in his hand and keep it near to the heart chakra, it drives away all the emotional disturbances and turmoils.

It is a curing crystal with pure and uncontaminated vibrations, with an energy that is extremely enriching and invigorating to the spirit.

  • Spiritual Healer

Danburite is a stone that has high-frequency vibrational energy within it. The high-vibrational energy of Danburite connects the mind and heart of the person maintaining both of them in a proper way.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Danburite is used to heal and clean the heart, third eye, and crown chakra.

The heart chakra is the representative of love and higher consciousness. It is situated in the centre of the body, which helps it to manage all the other chakras very well. A strong heart chakra drives away all the known and unknown fears of life by instilling confidence and strength in the person.

The crown chakra is the fountainhead of the human’s body. The basic attribute of the crown chakra is to link the human being with the universe and its spiritual vastness. When the crown chakra is out of balance, it makes it difficult for the person to explore spirituality, maintain co-ordination in life, clumsiness, and poor balance.

The third chakra that Danburite heals is the third eye chakra, which is the chakra of intelligence and psychic power. One must balance this chakra to overcome the indecisive troubles and stages of confusion. It increases the person’s aptitude to see things in a clear and wise way clearly.

Danburite at a Glance

Other Names
Crystal Habit
Refractive Index
Moh’s scale (hardness)
Chemical Formula
Chakra Healing NA
Birthstone NA
Zodiac NA

Where is Danburite found?

Danburite was initially mined and found in Danbury in Connecticut, USA, from which it has derived its name. The other noteworthy localities where Danburite is found are Mexico, Russia, Burma, Madagascar, Bolivia and Japan.

Danburite Facts

Some facts about Danburite

  • Danburite helps in communicating with the higher or spirited powers.
  • It is also considered great in clearing the past karmas.
  • One must always keep a piece of Danburite in the pocket which is believed to ease nervous tension and bring composure in complicated situations.
  • It is associated with the astrological sign of Leo.
  • The original mine locations of Danburite are now buried under the city of Danbury, in Connecticut.

Metaphysical Properties

Danburite belongs to the family of topaz and is the mineral variant of calcium boron silicate with an orthorhombic crystal structure.The hardness of this wonderful crystal on the Moh’s scale is 7 to 7.5, which determines its sturdiness. The clarity of Danburite, its strong dispersion and the resilience makes it a valuable stone for jewellery making purposes. The stone also has a specific gravity of 3.0.

The crystals of Danburite are transparent to translucent and have a vitreous lustre.

Danburite Color

Danburite is generally a colorless stone like that of quartz, but can either be yellowish-brown or pale yellow. Danburite occurs in metamorphic rocks. The other colors that can be possibly found in Danburite are pink, blue, gray, brown, and yellow.Danburite Colors


Crinoid Fossil

Crinoid Fossil

Crinoid Fossil
Crinoids are known to be a marine creature of phylum Echinodermata as well as known to a member of class Crinoidea. Crinoidea word deduced from the Greek word “Krinon” which means ‘lily’ as well as from “eidos” which means ‘form’. Crinoid found in the water can be either in shallow or the depths of more than 6000 meters. They are still documented to be in subsistence, but may too found the oldest remnant on the planet Earth. Fossil means remains of dead creatures of the ocean along with the plants. The remnant of crinoids is used to make the most of beautiful gem beads to wear around. These vestiges are too accredited to show vibrant patterns as well as constitutions. They are further branded to be set up in diverse tints ranging from grayish to ceramic, brownish as well as in fairly pinkish gray patterns. These fossils of Crinoids were found estimated around 245 -570 million years ago. These remnant Crinoids is further whispered to be analogous to starfish, sand dollars, sea urchins and sea cucumbers. They are predisposed to feature a root-like base that seems more like a plant than a sea creature. They are known to have a long stem-like column along with a head that resembles a flower which in turn sometimes related to as “sea lilies”. These remnant crinoids are branded to be set up in nature abundantly, which in turn had known to form vast underwater gardens. They further lead to the beds of the fossils found in the today’s humankind. The vestiges conserved completely are rare to encounter in today’s world, but in general they are found with the conglomeration of the carcass. These prehistoric fossil crinoids are branded first to appear in the seas of the Middle Cambrian.The different forms or conditions of these fossils wrap the soft layers of pink, brown as well as gray tints. They are trusted to produce a unique atmosphere around the soul which makes it cushy and affectionate with the positivity all around. This vestige is further accredited to be confronting as well as protective in nature which in the spell sooth their lonely carrier. They tend to possess quiet, still energy that is conceived to be beneficial at the time of arbitration. They are further branded to be a remnant of fortification that holds the propensity to prosper and support the adore. They are the fossil that allows its carrier to look forward to life with the resolutions of the problems. These fossils are predisposed to have a little intensity as is seen to vibrate at the slow incidence. These regarded as a mineral that holds the stabilizing as well as strengthening eminence. They are highly acknowledged as an excellent fossil to balance emotional, physical along with the intellectual dynamism. They are further believed to harmonize the yin/yang energies along with the positive and negative forces of the universe.

Healing Properties

Crinoid’s fossil is considered to be protective and believed to be useful for substantiating the reality of the aspirations. They are often branded to bring abundance into its owner lives. They have the grounding energies of the world which in turn help its carrier to stay established in this materialistic world. They further help its carrier to understand the spiritual world that furthermore helps to reach the spiritual feelings as well as idyllic. They likewise trusted to wreak the aspiration and creativity to know the exquisiteness of spirit. On the other hand, they are utilized to draw wealth also to retaining. These fossils conserve the vigorous relations with the people around in guild to bring in pecuniary benefits. On a physical level, they are utilized to pose the RNA/DNA structure of the physical torso along with the handling of the skeletal system. They keep the kinship intact with adore and like-mindedness. These remnants are best to use to quit the bad habits easily. They are practiced to tie forth the negative energies and bring in the positive one in the surrounding field. They are further known to promote inner stability along with the maturity that in the spell of life heartens self-trust. They are accepted to bring opulence as well as secure in its carrier’s life.Physical Healing:

Crinoids’ fossil is utilized to treat the primary causes of in firmity as well as used to mend the troubles related to mental depression, stress. These fossils are further utilized to mitigate sexual disruptions in both sexes. They are further known to relieve the body of toxins and are believed to be good for the skin. They are too known to kindle the immune also to the nervous systems which in turn helps in the assimilation of oxygen in the brain for a vigorous circulatory system.  On a physical level, it too augments the mental function of its carrier by recuperating concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. They are also considered to be beneficial for the eyes along with the stomach as well as skin. These further whispered to be good at heart, lymph system and blood vessels. They are moreover considered to be highly restorative for tissue deterioration. These fossils are further supposed to stabilize the nutritional absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Emotional Healing:

Crinoids’ fossil is believed to be a comfortable fossil that helps to overcome the depression as well as strengthen its carrier’s emotional torso. They are further known to remove the infatuated thoughts to overcome fears. They are too known to encourage their owner to look forward to life with the practical elucidations. These customarily accepted for their eminence that invokes the new feelings of hope as well another possibility. They are further believed to diminish a superiority complex that their carrier is facing as well as dissolve the negative thoughts. They, on the other hand, assist their carrier to maintain the balance of hardship as well as during transitional times. They further facilitate the healing process to get relief from the past grievances that might cause hindrance in the way of healthy kinships. They believed to be beneficial in self-analysis and uncovering hidden circumstances that might interfere with happiness. They are furthermore branded to uphold self-deception as well as confidence, encouraging the speaking of one’s truth. Crinoids’ fossil overcomes the bitterness of the heart by amending anger as well as nurturing love.

Spiritual Healing:

Crinoids’ fossil is known to raise the awareness of their carrier that further helps to link his collective consciousness into the life. They are furthermore known to hearten the contemplation of their carrier’s life experiences that lead to spiritual growth and inner stability. These fossils with a high grounding eminence are said to be good to solve the meditative purpose and, on the other hand, allow access to ancient wisdom. They are ideal for reframing and transmuting any past misuse of spiritual power, moreover teach the sensible use of power and will. They further help to align the energies of his torso with the energies of the divine. They moreover serve their carrier to match the divine frequencies of the cosmic world with the frequencies of the self or chakras. They are known to teach the lesson of reciprocity, “As we sow thou we reap”. They help the carrier to patent a joyous life by calculatedly prognostic well into the reality around. They are further known to unfold the levels of the subconscious mind to know the truth and attain spirituality. They are moreover known to express self.

Heals and Balances Chakra:

The strong grounding energies of crinoid’s fossil are ideal for awakening and employing the Throat chakra along with the heart Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. These chakras are believed to have the capacity of inner vision which in turn helps its carrier to communicate his vision to others effectively. Turning on the throat chakra allows the energies of the other activated chakras to get expressed along with the expression of the own thoughts as well as sentiments. They are moreover known to turn on the Third Eye chakra. This chakra opens the insight to know about the happenings of the globe. It is further known to balance the thoughts and internal communications of its carrier with the self. This chakra helps the carrier of the fossil to open up for new ideas and gain the mastery or so-called wisdom. The triggered heart chakra helps to regulate the interaction of the carrier with the external world as well as helps to control what he resists in the heart.

Crinoid Fossil at a Glance

Other Names
Crystal Habit
Refractive Index
Moh’s scale (hardness)
Chemical Formula
Chakra Healing NA
Birthstone NA
Zodiac NA

Crinoid Fossil Facts

On the spiritual ground, it is considered highly enthusiastic fossil for the expression of the self.In the sub-consciousness, mind this fossil is utilized to relieve the fear along with the emotional and social striving.

They are ideal for reframing and transmuting any past misuse of spiritual power, moreover teach the prudent use of power and will. They further serve to align the energies of his trunk with the vitalities of the cleric.

On the psychological torso, it is visualized to converse the feeling of the self to others efficiently.

On a physical plane, it helps to deal with the breathing issues.

On a physical level, they are utilized to pose the RNA/DNA structure of the physical torso along with the handling of the skeletal system. They keep the kinship intact with adore and like-mindedness.

Metaphysical Properties

Facts about Crinoid Fossil

  • Crinoids habitually alluded to ocean lilies because of their semblance to a nature’s plant or bloom.
  • In sections of England, the columns that show the outward appearance of the root is known to be a fairy money. The star-shaped instances of these were concurrent with the sun by ancient people, and given spiritual significance.
  • Cultured slabs of cranial fossil stone create an attractive ornamental gem.
  • In Derbyshire the fossil, sometimes encloses internal molds of crinoids stem splinters, which obtain a distinctive twist like yarn, filament pattern and have been called screw stones.

Crinoid Fossil Color

The remnant of crinoids is used to make the most of beautiful gem beads to wear around. The different forms or conditions of these fossils wrap the soft layers of pink, brown as well as gray tints.Crinoid Fossil Colors




Found as early as 6000 B.C. archaeological discoveries have found several pieces of coral used in the sixth century, perfectly preserved. These gemstones though delicate, have a long life and don’t change color even after several decades, if kept in good conditions.

Unbelievable beauty underwater – ask anyone who has been lucky enough to go scuba diving near a Coral reef. Corals, take a long time to form. Coral reefs, are built by algae which live inside the coral polyps. These tiny creatures take millions of years to create the coral reefs, building on top of the skeletons of old coral polyps. Corals grow in a tree-like formation under the ocean in shallow waters and can grow up to one foot in height and a maximum of two inches in width. Due to erosion, many caves and crevices are naturally formed into the Reefs. These Reefs have given rise to an underwater cache of marine life. Small sharks, crabs, schools of fishes in gorgeous colors and sizes, sea urchins, eels, water snakes – a veritable treasure trove of marine life.

CoralThere are hundreds of Coral species. Many of them, Euphyllia Torch Coral, Mushroom Corals, Star Polyp Corals, Flower Corals to name a few are cultured by hobbyists, who want to grow corals at home in large tanks. These corals are sold over the Internet also. Marine scientists are still discovering new corals, which grow at depths below 800 feet. Corals, which comprise chiefly of Calcium Carbonate, grow in shallow, warm waters, which allow the sunlight through to help in Photosynthesis. But certain types of Corals have been found in cold water also.

Although Corals are found in many parts of the Globe, indiscriminate coral harvesting, pollution, global warming, underwater mining, cutting down of forests have all contributed to the damage to the delicate coral reefs. These reefs maintain an important ecological balance in marine life. Many countries now have regulations against breaking and smuggling of corals outside the country, to help save the Coral reefs.

From pinkish red to deep blood red, corals grow in a variety of colors including Gold.
Red Coral, also called Fire Coral is the one of the five corals normally used to make Jewellery. Harvested from under the ocean, this Coral has found mention in the history of most coastal regions of the Globe- India, Hawaii, Atlantic, Brazil, Italy, to name a few of the countries (over 60) in which Coral is found. Coral is one of the few gemstones that are organic (made by nature) along with Pearls and Amber. Black, White and Blue Corals, which are rare, are also used to make Jewellery. These corals are almost extinct and authentic pieces command a high price in the market.

Found as early as 6000 B.C. archaeological discoveries have found several pieces of coral used in the sixth century, perfectly preserved. These gemstones though delicate, have a long life and don’t change color even after several decades, if kept in good conditions. They measure 3.5 on the mohs scale, meaning these gems have to handled with great care. Coral is brittle, scratched easily and can chip off or even break if handled roughly.

While corals of the normal red variety are easily available and are economical, red corals from the Mediterranean are very highly priced – these corals are a deep attractive red and the Mediterranean coral reefs are almost extinct, making them rare. Good quality Corals have an even coloring and do not have any striations or holes in them. Imitation Corals are aplenty – dyed glass, plastic, shells and even heat-treated coral powder is passed of as authentic coral. Corals are opaque and sometimes, colored wax is filled into holes to give the coral a more dense red color. Genuine Coral Jewellery is expensive – if it is cheap, it is probably an imitation. It is always a good idea to buy coral from a reputed store.

There are many legends surrounding this fiery stone. The Indians have given this red stone a great deal of importance. Its powder and even coral ash has the power to heal and is used in many Ayurvedic medicines. In Indian Astrology, wearing the stone as a ring or a bracelet or even as a necklace is said to ward of the negative influence of the Mangal graha (or the Planet Mars), which leads to weak constitution, high blood pressure etc. It is believed the wearer of the coral stone will be bestowed with physical and mental energy, increased lifespan, marital happiness and youth. Indian Astrologers believe that Yellow rays can regenerate cells of the body. The Coral has a very high number of Yellow rays (which are visible under a Prism) and thus, it can heal maladies of the flesh- rheumatism, genital problems and even mental disorders. Wearing a Mangal (Coral) stone is recommended if your astrological charts show a weak Mangal graha.

Even the Greeks have a legend about corals. It is believed that the stone gets it red color from the blood of the head of the slain, snake haired Medusa – who turned men into stone. The Romans wore it as an amulet around their necks during wars as protection. The Tibetans believe that deep red coral is a healing stone. Carved coral Buddha’s, Jewellery and prayer beads are highly valued and used even today. You may have heard about the Oracles in Greek mythology- the Oracle lived in a dark cave and foretold the future- specially at important events. Kings and Queens sought the decision of the Oracles, who used corals to forecast the future. Discovery of corals on ancient Crucifixes, statues, caskets and many other articles have proved that coral has enchanted man for millions of years.

Before Corals are polished, they appear dull and need to be sorted out for the good, big pieces, which can be made into Jewellery. Inside the ocean, they appear like trees and for many years, it was believed that Corals were actually marine trees, till research proved that Corals actually comprised of tiny living creatures! Coral Jewellery is popular both among the Fashion worshippers and followers of religion.

Corals Combine them with pearls, set a large coral in gold or just wrap a strand of beads around your neck, the touch of coral will make you glow. Whether you want to please the planet Mangal to give you strength and vigour or you want to see the envy in your neighbor’s eye, Coral Jewellery can accomplish both tasks with equal dexterity.

Facts about coral

10 “Scary” Fun Facts You Don’t Know About November’s Stone, Citrine

10 “Scary” Fun Facts You Don’t Know About November’s Stone, Citrine

10 "Scary" Fun Facts You Don't Know About November's Stone, CitrineHalloween is fun time to celebrate the color orange, and a perfect opportunity to introduce one of our favorite gemstones, citrine!

Not only is citrine the go-to gemstone for the November birthday, it holds sophistication that you just don’t see everyday. Citrine, with its rich deep golden hue, feels warm and looks elegant. But, this beautiful gemstone has been ignored over the years for one reason or another.

We’re here to show you why citrine should not be ignored with these “scary” fun facts that we think everyone should know about this sophisticated stone.

What does citrine look like?

Having such a beautiful golden color, it makes sense to have it set in yellow gold. When it is, it almost becomes one with the metal and magically adorns the wearer. When citrine is set in white gold or platinum, suddenly a crisp and contemporary look is achieved.

Here are a few examples from our collection set in both gold and platinum:

10 "Scary" Fun Facts You Don't Know About November's Stone, Citrine10 "Scary" Fun Facts You Don't Know About November's Stone, Citrine10 "Scary" Fun Facts You Don't Know About November's Stone, Citrine


We bet you didn’t know…

1. Citrine is a transparent variety of quartz, the second most abundant mineral in the Earth.

2. Citrine is associated with the values of hope, strength, cheerfulness, youth, health, and fidelity. It has been believed to promote creativity, helps personal clarity and eliminates self-destructive tendencies.

3. The name citrine comes from an old French word “citrin,” meaning lemon.  As one of the more rare forms of quartz, this gemstone ranges in color from the palest yellow to a dark amber.

4. The Romans were thought to be the first to wear the yellow quartz, crafting it into highly polished but unfaceted cuts of stone known as cabachon.

5. Citrine became more popular during the Romantic Period which was an artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th century.

6. According to Chinese legends, citrine is “The Stone of Success,” and it should be given to generous people only. Citrine jewelry was deeply appreciated by ancient Chinese emperors for their ability to increase intellectual capabilities and broaden the mind. Today, citrine is used by modern Chinese students to help them succeed on exams. Many Chinese professors and teachers also use it when lecturing. Citrine is widely used in China during gem stone healing sessions to produce feelings and emotions and thoughts of abundance.

7. Citrine, like all forms of quartz, was believed during the European Early Modern Period to have magical powers and was worn as a talisman against evil thoughts and snake venom.

8. Most citrine is mined in Brazil. Small quantities of citrine are found in Russia, Colorado, Madagascar, Bolivia, Burma (Myanmar), Canada, Sri Lanka, Spain, and U.S.

9. Citrine is attributed with two divine deities: Demeter, the Greek goddess of harvest who is associated with productivity and Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war who is associated with power.

10. Citrine has a Mohs Scale Hardness of 7, meaning it is not easily scratched and is durable enough to avoid scratching and chipping during daily wear.


My chosen gem is Chrysoprase.

My chosen gem is Chrysoprase.

made of silicon dioxide
chemical compound is SiO2
formed by quarts stone with nickel content deteriorating.
its colour comes from the nickelinteresting facts
1. Chrysoprase is a star sign for Gemini
2. The rare quarts gem was very common in Silesia but was heavily mined and cant be found there now.
3. In the ancient times aswell as being used for jewelery, Chrysoprase was used for its healing powers.
My Chosen Gem Is Chrysoprase 

My chosen gem is Chrysoprase. Chrysoprase is a, rare mineral, apple green gemstone that is categorized as cryptocrystalline. It is possibly the rarest and most valuable of all the chalcedony AKA quarts stones. With a hardness of 6-7 out of 10 on the Moh’s hardness scale, it is perfect for jewellery.
Used by the Romans and Greeks for jewelery.
Greek name meaning Gold-Leek
details of discovery are unclear.
it is found in Western Australia and Queensland
internationally it is found in Brazil, California, Germany and Poland.
mining and cutting
Chrysoprase is most commonly mined in Australia and Poland.
cutting process
1. The rock is taken out of the mines but still looks like a normal rock .
2. The exes dirt and rock it cut away and washed.
3. The rock then has to be sorted and put into categories, usually of size and shape
4. Then the stone is cut into a beautiful shape
5. The stone can be purchased as it is but can also be made into jewelery.



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Regarded as the first and foremost stone that enhances communication, Chrysocolla embraces the serenity and entice of turquoise-blue color that is considered great in discharging negative elements from the body thereby calming and tranquilizing inner wisdom and insight.

The name of this stone dates back to ancient times when it was us by people who used to solder gold. The name Chrysocolla has been derived from the Greek word ‘christs’ which means gold and ‘kolla’ which means glue. This word together means gold glue.

Chrysocolla is a philosophical stone, which encourages the wearer to disclose the highest of the knowledge he possesses so that he can benefit others also from his experiences and knowledge. It is also considered a powerful stone for those who speak for a living.

There is one very strange property that is attached with Chrysocolla since ancient times and that is that it encourages the people to stay at home. This is the stone for hermits, monks, and prisoners that diminish their feeling of being secluded and aloof from their family and closed ones. Those people whose minds wander a lot and never stay at one place are benefitted a lot from this stone.

Healing Properties

The benefits that Chrysocolla bestows on its wearer are:

  • Physical Healer

This soothing effect that this stone holds helps in fighting the nervous disorders, such as nervousness and depression, hyperkinetic movement, and feelings of remorse. It is a calming stone for women as it reduces menstrual pain, helps in pregnancy, and relieves the anxieties in first-time mothers.

Chrysocolla also helps out in the regulation of the thyroid and adrenal glands. It is an outstanding remedy for sore throats, cough, laryngitis and various other throat related problems. It also aids in blood pressure, diabetes, digestion, problems in lungs, rheumatism, arthritis, muscle cramps, infections, burns, scars, fever, and blood disorders.

  • Emotional Healer

Being an emotional healer, Chrysocolla makes the wearer learn about the virtues of keeping silent and expressing emotions both. The energy of this stone chases away angry words, emotional conflicts, and sarcastic thoughts. It allows one to share truth and wisdom with others through proper communication.

  • Spiritual Healer

Chrysocolla kindles the qualities of the wearer’s character so that he releases the anguish of negative emotions and makes him more humane towards others.  It lets the wearer accept the perfection of the universe by providing necessary knowledge in re-aligning the mental power, emotions, and physical body. It further enhances power and instils confidence in the one who wears it with the whole heart.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

This powerful stone is meant to particularly stimulate the throat chakra. It treats all the physical ailments occurring in the throat, like laryngitis, infection, thyroid, goitre etc. The throat chakra is the voice of the body that not only takes care of the expressions and thoughts of the person, but also helps in aligning all the other chakras.

Along with aligning the throat chakra, Chrysocolla is also believed to heal the heart chakra. Heart chakra acts as the bridge between all chakras above and beneath it and that is the reason to keep it unblocked and clean.

The Heart Chakra controls our communication with the outside world. It gives the wearer the ability to be in his identity in the world. When the heart chakra is out if balance, the person may feel controlled by another person or a relationship. Green crystals are considered amazing for unblocking blocked heart chakras due to which the wearer may deal well with the flows and ebbs while being in the situation of emotional turmoil.

Chrysocolla at a Glance

Other Names
Crystal Habit
Refractive Index
Moh’s scale (hardness)
Chemical Formula
Chakra Healing NA
Birthstone NA
Zodiac NA


Where is Chrysocolla found?

The noteworthy places where Chrysocolla is found are Israel, Chile, Cornwall in England, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Michigan, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania in the United States.

Chrysocolla Facts

Some facts about Chrysocolla

  • Chrysocolla honours the Greek goddess of wisdom, Sophia.
  • It is the stone of people born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.
  • Chrysocolla protects from the malice radiations of mobiles, and also safeguards from the obstructive neighbours.
  • Pure Chrysocolla is too soft, and hence cannot be used for jewellery purposes. The stone found with quartz deposits makes it strong enough to be used for jewellery.
  • It utilises water energy because of which it brings purity, stillness, and quietude in the wearer and the place where its crystal is kept.
  • European physicians used to mix Chrysocolla with water and sweetener to make gargle fro sore throats.
  • The elixir made of Chrysocolla has a very efficient laxative effect.

Metaphysical Properties

Chrysocolla has a very poor hardness of 2.5 to 3.5 on the Moh’s scale. It is normally found as botryoidal or curved stacks and coatings, or as layer fillings. It is sometimes also confused with turquoise due to its lighter shade.

It has vitreous to dull lustre, and has the diaphaneity between translucent to opaque.

Chrysocolla Color

Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper cyclosilicate mineral or simply a copper stone, the color of which ranges from light green to deep blue. Due to the combination of colors that it has, Chrysocolla is many times associated with Azurite and Malachite gemstones. Some of the Chrysocolla minerals contains cuprite, which is considered to be the mineral bestowing astuteness and prosperity in business.

Chrysocolla Colors