The 138-Carat ‘Good Luck’ Ruby

Back in the late 1950s, TV advertising pioneer Rosser Reeves purchased an unmounted star ruby and carried it in his pocket for good luck. This was no ordinary ruby. With its rich red color and well-defined star, the 138.72-carat ruby was said to be the largest and finest star ruby the world has ever known. […]

The Graff Ruby

London luxury jeweler Laurence Graff has paid a record 8.2 million Swiss francs ($8.6 million) for a Burmese ruby, the top lot at a Geneva auction marked by strong prices for fine diamonds and rare colored stones. Graff, known as the “King of Diamonds”, was buying the ruby of 8.62 carats for the second time, having […]

New Places to Find Rubies

Republic of Macedonia is the only country in mainland Europe to have naturally occurring rubies. They can mainly be found around the city of Prilep. Macedonian ruby has a unique raspberry color. The ruby is also included on the Macedonian Coat of Arms. In 2002 rubies were found in the Waseges River area of Kenya. […]

Where Do Rubies Come From?

The Mogok Valley in Upper Myanmar (Burma) was for centuries the world’s main source for rubies. That region has produced some of the finest rubies ever mined, but in recent years very few good rubies have been found there. The very best color in Myanmar rubies is sometimes described as “pigeon’s blood.” In central Myanmar, […]

The Lore of Ruby

Like a perfect red rose, the Ruby’s rich color speaks of love and passion. Called the “Rajnapura” or King of Gems by ancient Hindus, July’s birthstone is among the most highly prized of gems throughout history. The Ruby was considered to have magical powers and was worn by royalty as a talisman against evil. It was thought […]

July’s Birthstone: Ruby

July Birthstone – Ruby It doesn’t matter if your astrological sign is Cancer or Leo, if your birthday is in July, then you share the same birthstone…a red ruby. Known as the “King of Gemstones”, the ruby is not only stunningly beautiful but also symbolizes romance, prosperity, generosity and devotion. What is ruby? Ruby is […]

July’s Beautiful Red Gem

The two Zodiac signs that can be found in the month of July are Cancer and Leo, with Cancer having the larger share of this month. If you are born in either one of them, Ruby is your birthstone. The word ruby has its origin in the Latin language and it means red. Several centuries ago, people […]