Plan Your Weekend Today

Saturday, June 10, 2017 A Step Forward for Hispanic Women 5K in Memorial – Walk or run this 5k that benefits Wellness for Growth, a foundation that empowers underprivileged Hispanic women through wellness and skills education. Registration starts at $15. 6:15am. Galveston Pride Beach Bash | FREE – Celebrate Pride with the LGBT community on East Beach in Galveston […]

The First Amendment Is Vital

How invested are you in the outcome of all of the testimony that’s taking place on Capitol Hill? It would appear that everyone in the media wants to make sure that you can see it anywhere and everywhere possible. Not sure how you feel about this entire situation, but it’s looking more and more like […]

What is Happiness?

What is happiness? People have agonized over this question for centuries, but only recently has science begun to weigh in on the debate. Before I get into what the science has concluded, let me start by giving some answers to a somewhat easier question: what isn’t happiness? Happiness is Not: Feeling Good All The Time […]

We Don’t Talk To Each Other

We can’t talk to each other anymore and it’s so very sad to be a witness to it. We’ve always had differences of opinions, but now those differences can make you lose your job, your wealth, your standing in the community, even your family and friends. How did we get here? Where did this intense […]

An Honest Discussion About Guns

If you have never been to an American gun show, or are unfamiliar with Craigslist you might not know that people can literally buy and exchange guns within minutes. In 2016, due to the executive order of President Obama the United States government now has more resources to adequately monitor and investigate the sale of firearms. Many critics […]

A Story I Heard About, Hysterical!

I heard the funniest thing yesterday. I heard that a certain “comedian” that posed with a bloodied mock decapitated head of a certain president was being bullied by said president’s family. Hmmm, I found it funny that this “comedian” thought the whole episode was hysterical when said “comedian” did the video shoot. Yes, it was […]

Your Weekend Event Schedule!

Saturday, June 3, 2017 Pull for Puppies at CityCentre Plaza– Play tug-of-war with your team in the men’s, women’s or coed tournament to benefit Forgotten Pet Advocates. $25. 9am to 1pm. Hire Houston Youth Job Fair at George R. Brown Convention Center| FREE –  Apply, and maybe even get hired, for a summer job at this Hire […]

Be Prepared This Hurricane Season

Welcome in June by being prepared for what the future might hold. June 1st is the start of hurricane season and as many of us know, you don’t have to suffer from a direct hit to have a catastrophic event happen. A direct hit from a storm just 50 miles away can lead to just […]

Pushing Through Without Excuses

It starts with accepting responsibility for the choices that you have made that got you to this point. Not only that, but also recognizing that you are not innocent in the equation. Now, for better or for worse, recognizing those decisions and the consequences of them is a vital part of learning. Life hacks are […]

Don’t Say “Thank you for your service” Today

“I hope you’re having a meaningful day.” That might be one of the better things to say to a veteran today. You should probably avoid the common refrain, “Thank you for your service,” according to someone who should know. “On Memorial Day, the veteran you’re talking to may be going through a bit of melancholy […]