Healing Properties of Peridot

What are the healing properties of Peridot? The Peridot powers include prosperity, good luck, happiness, and peace. Its vibration resonates with success, openness, and growth. It is perfect for manifestation of all desired things! The beautiful olive-green Peridot gemstone can also be very helpful if you want to increase your self-confidence and become more assertive. […]

Ruby: Fire and Passion

The Ruby is the most powerful of the red stones (which also include garnet, red jasper, and carnelian). In India, it was considered an especially important gift with which to honor Krishna. According to Hindu belief, the source of the gem’s glow was an internal flame that no mortal could extinguish. Its Sanskrit name is […]

What Emeralds Can Do For You

As with most precious and semi-precious gemstones, it’s believed that they each possess the ability to bring emotions, luck, health and other things into our lives. Emerald is known as the “stone of successful love”.  It brings loyalty and provides for domestic bliss.  It enhances unconditional love, unity and promotes friendship.  Keeps partnerships in balance […]