The Price You Pay For Success

When you read about the great inventors of the last century, the majority of them had not a dime to their names. Nothing. What they all had, however, was the burning desire to get what they wanted at whatever the cost would be. Remember, nothing in life is free, so by choosing to do something […]

What Are Your Roadblocks?

In order for you to discover what stops you from getting what you want in life, you have to know what you want. Aside of the main things, there’s something that stops many of us. Fear. Fear of failure. Fear of loss. Fear of abandonment. You name it, there’s a fear attached to it. Ninety-nine […]

You Have to Listen Many More Times

I started listening to a new audio book today in the effort to better focus my energy on what I really want in life. This is a huge question and many answer it with simple things like money, fame and fortune, but I think they don’t take a deep dive into what it really is […]