What are you thankful for? Why are you thankful? It’s such a loaded question for some and as easy as a breeze for others to answer. This question requires some serious thought because it’s easy to answer the simple generic “I’m thankful for family, friends, health and food among other things” but you should always be thankful for those things, without fail. We tend to go through life without true appreciation of all that we have and all that we are able to do and that’s what makes us such a cynical species.

A conversation was had between a group of three people and it ended abruptly with many emotions left raw, no resolution to be had and fingers pointing towards each other without recognizing the faults in themselves. It left all concerned mad, sad, attacked and slighted, but it also left them all without any reason for why they felt that way. I was present, but not engaged in the conversation and that, to me, was a good thing. I would have been the moderator which is not what my intentions were when you’re talking about 3 adults. When everything dissipated, one was crying and the other two left without even acknowledging that I was even there (it was supposed to be a getting to know you event).

Now, this is not about me at all. From the outside looking in, I can see that everyone was at fault on this. No one handled the situation well, at all. I was hoping that the following day, cooler heads would prevail. They did, somewhat, but the emotions were still very raw. My simple question was, for each of them, why? Why did you feel the way you did in those moments? What could you have done to handle the situation better? What did you learn from the experience? How would you improve your approach to the situation?

It’s easy to cut everything or everyone out, it really is, but learning from it is hard work. It requires admitting your faults, humbling yourself, accepting your flaws and shortcomings and committing yourself to do better. It takes focus and the desire to actually want to make adjustments and change they way you approach and look at people and the situations that you’re in. Just about everything has a resolution and you may not like what it is, but as children of God, it’s imperative that we love our fellow brothers and sisters and encourage each other to do better.

So, what am I thankful for? I am truly thankful for the ability that God has given to me to see others as they are, not as they want me to see them. I am truly grateful for all the many gifts that he’s given me. I’m especially thankful for each day that I’m given so that I can celebrate life and God.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!