The Great American Eclipse Happens This Monday

If you’ve done your homework on the upcoming total solar eclipse (happening August 21 — mark your calendars!), you know that the place to be is in the path of totality, which allows you to see the moon completely cover the sun. Since this is only the case for certain cities, a map of the solar eclipse 2017 path will come in handy to help you determine if you can expect the total black-out effect that this type of eclipse is known for.

The people with the best seats in the house are the ones who are dead center in the shadow of the moon, which helps explain why not everyone will experience an identical view of the eclipse. For these lucky folks, the moon’s shadow will appear the same size as the sun. The path of the eclipse starts in northwest Oregon (think Salem) and will travel on a gradual southeast slope before ending in South Carolina and heading for the Atlantic.

Other cities that will lie in the path of totality include Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Nashville, Tennessee. To see if your location is in the path, you can check out the maps below. You guys are in for a real treat (but don’t forget your solar eclipse viewers!).

Now, what does this mean for all of the cities not a part of the path of totality like us here in Texas? Instead of seeing the moon completely block out the sun, you’ll still see a portion of the sun showing — which will vary depending on where you’re located. Don’t think this will make it any less of an experience, though. You’re still getting to watch something that won’t happen again until 2019!

At the start of the show, the partial eclipse will begin in Oregon at 9:05 a.m. PDT, with the sun being completely obscured at 10:18 a.m. PDT. You can see the complete list of times for each city at And remember, friends: if you plan on looking directly at the eclipse, regular sunglasses won’t cut it. Head to Fry’s Electronics, Lowe’s, or another store to buy solar eclipse viewers and keep your eyes protected.


Game of Thrones Viewing Party and Much More…

Kick off the Texans’ preseason, see a theatrical performance, get your hands dirty helping to beautify Buffalo Bayou Park, see the ‘Stros play, rock out at a concert, dress up and watch the latest Game of Thrones episode with a room full of fans and more.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

  • Volunteer Workday at Buffalo Bayou Park | FREE –Get your hands dirty and volunteer your time to help beautify Buffalo Bayou Park. Bring your own gloves and some water. 8:30am to 11:30am.
  • Opera in the Heights Open House at Lambert Hall| FREE – All ages are welcome to stop in for a morning of brief live performances, free breakfast bites and popcorn, costume dress-up, giveaways, face painting, and more at Opera in the Heights’ first ever open house event at Lambert Hall on Heights Boulevard. 9am to 11:30am.
  • Free Kids Fest at Town Center Park | FREE – Head to Kingwood for a full day of family-friendly fun with carnival games, activities for the kids, performances and more. 10am to 6pm.
  • Back to School Block Party at Tidwell Park | FREE – Join Vice Mayor Pro-Tem Jerry Davis for a back to school party for the whole family with free health screenings, immunizations, a backpack giveaway, an appearance from DJ Mr. Rogers, and food from McDonald’s at Tidwell Park. 11am to 2pm.
  • Sushi & Sake 101 at RA Sushi Bar – Learn how to roll your own sushi, enjoy sake flight pairings, nosh on edamame and miso soup and more at this introductory course to sushi and sake at RA Sushi. Tickets start at $35. Noon.
  • The Houston Food Fest at Hermann Square –Head Downtown to sample food from more than 50 local vendors and jam to live music from acts like Soul Creatures and Ruben Moreno & Zydeco Re-evolution at The Houston Food Fest. Tickets start at $5. Noon to 10pm.
  • 1 Year Anniversary at Eureka Heights Brew Co. – Wish Eureka Heights a happy birthday while celebrating with ice cream, music, a piñata, the release of their latest beer Nuke the Whales and more. Sip on new 1pm to 9pm.
  • Twilight Tour Along Buffalo Bayou – Climb aboard for this 30-minute boat ride along Buffalo Bayou just before the sun sets. $7. 6pm to 8:30pm.
  • GoldwiserForeigner in Concert at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – Rock out with Foreigner when they perform with Cheap Trick and Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience in The Woodlands on their 40th Anniversary Tour. Tickets start at $29.50. 7pm.
  • Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots at NRG Stadium – The Texans will play their first home preseason game against the champs of Super Bowl LI, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots at NRG. Tickets start at $33. 7pm.
  • GoldwiserEd Sheeran in Concert at Toyota Center – Act fast to get your ticket to see Grammy Award-winning artist Ed Sheeran perform songs like “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” from his latest album Divide at Toyota CenterJames Blunt will open. This show is sold out, but you may find limited seats on Ticket Network’s resale site. 7:30pm.
  • Sweet Charity at EaDo Playhouse –Be transported to New York in the 1960s comedy from Neil Simon about a hostess looking for love. $25. 8pm.
  • Certified Funny Saturdays at Grooves of Houston – Comedian Lil Darrel, otherwise known as Dope Nizzy, is celebrating his 30th birthday with a hilarious show at Grooves of Houston. $20. 8pm.
  • Betty Who in Concert at White Oak Music Hall –See Betty Who perform live with opening acts Geographer and Jackson Harris at White Oak Music Hall. Tickets start at $20. 8pm.
  • GhostbustersMovie Screening at Main Street Square | FREE – “Who you gonna call” to join you for this free screening of the 1984 classic Ghostbusters, starring Bill Murray, at Main Street Square. 8pm.
  • Incredible India: Unity in Diversity at Miller Outdoor Theatre | FREE – See the music, dance, rhythm, and costumes of India come to life on stage with this special performance under the stars. 8:15pm.
  • The Late Show at Prohibition Supperclub & Bar – Go back to the 1920s when the Moonlight Dolls take the stage at Prohibition Supperclub & Bar for this tastefully suggestive performance. $40. 11:30pm.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

  • GoldwiserWeddings and Quinceañeras Expo Show at George R. Brown Convention Center– Find everything you need for your wedding or your daughter’s quinceañera at this expo featuring vendors and a chance to win a party. $9.50. Noon to 6pm.
  • Heights Bike Trail Brewery Tour– Pedal along the Heights Bike Trail and visit Eureka Heights, Holler, and Platypus Breweries in any order for this brewery tour. Sample specially hopped brews and receive stamps that can be redeemed for a Heights brewery branded water bottle. There’s no purchase necessary for a stamp, but let’s face it, after biking all afternoon, a cold beer wouldn’t hurt. Noon to 8pm.
  • Beer & Cheese Pairing at Whole Foods – Bring a girlfriend to the Whole Foods on Kirby for this women only foodie event featuring five beer and cheese pairings. $20. 1pm to 3pm.
  • Godspellat A.D. Players – See the musical hit based on the Gospel of Matthew with a dash of ‘70s music at A.D. Players Theater. Tickets start at $24. 2:30pm.
  • The Man in the Locketat Theatre Suburbia – Catch the world premiere of Local playwright Kris Thompson’s show The Man in the Locket at Theatre Suburbia. $16. 3pm.
  • Jon Snow, GoldwiserGame of Thrones Watch Party at Guava Lamp – Come dressed as your favorite character and watch the latest episode of GoT with other fans at Guava Lamp. 7pm to 9pm.

Block Those Annoying Callers Easily

How to block all of those annoying and wrong numbers that aren’t really wrong numbers is pretty simple. I thought by changing my phone number, that that would do the trick. All that actually did though was introduce my phone to a new world of wrong numbers and ex’s from someone that had the number prior to me. It’s all very frustrating especially when you inform them numerous times that they have the wrong number.

Now, I’ve had my current number for a few years and up until very recently I’ve received calls from people that I actually know and gave my number to. However, the last few months have changed my perspective on answering incoming calls. If I don’t know your number and I wasn’t warned ahead of time that you had a different number, then I won’t be answering the phone. I’ve had it with people in general that call my number and hang up. I’ve had it with people that say I called them when I didn’t. And, I’ve had it with people looking for other people that I don’t know and then calling me a liar for telling them that I don’t know them! What in the world, people?

Ok, here’s what you do. The following are the many different phone setups all in one convenient place. That way if you switch phone formats, you can just come back here.


Given that nearly everyone wants to block someone at some point, it’s no surprise that smartphones with the latest versions of Android, iOS and Windows Phone have blocking built right in.
In Android, open your Phone app and go to Settings>>Call>>Call Rejection>>Auto Reject List>>Create. Put in the person’s name or number and their calls and texts will never make it to your screen. They can call and text all day and you’ll never be bothered again.
Because each manufacturer tweaks Android a bit, you might have to hunt around for the settings on your specific gadget. If it just doesn’t have blocking, you can add blocking with an app like Mr. Number.



On an iPhone or iPad with iOS7 or higher, you can block FaceTime, Phone and Messages contacts you don’t want communicating with you.
If you’re in FaceTime or the Phone app, go to “Favorites” or “Recent” and find the person you want to block. Tap their name, then tap the “Info” button, scroll to the bottom and tap “Block Contact.” If you’re in the Contacts screen, just tap the contact, scroll down and tap “Block Contact.”
For blocking Messages, tap a message from someone you want to block and then tap “Contact” in the upper right corner. Tap the “Info” button, scroll to the bottom and tap “Block Contact.”
You can edit your blocked contacts later in Settings>>Phone>>Blocked, Settings>>Messages>>Blocked, or Settings>>FaceTime>>Blocked.


On a Windows Phone, go to Settings and tap “call+SMS filter.” Tap “Accept” and then switch blocking to “On.” Next, go to your call history and tap and hold the number you want to block, and tap “block number.”

If the number harassing you is a robocaller or telemarketer, you can block it this way, or block all robocallers and telemarketers at once. Just add your smartphone’s number to the Do Not Call registry. The annoying calls should stop in about a month.
Now that you know how to do this, stop those annoying people once and for all!

Gold Was Always Destined to be Currency

I think most of you reading this right now are aware that gold is unlike any other metal, certainly any other element. It doesn’t play by the same rules as iron or tin or aluminum, and its value has nothing to do with its utility—or lack thereof. People valued the yellow metal for its beauty and malleability eons before they knew of its usefulness in conducting electricity or its chemical inertness.

U.S. Global Investors

That gold is so chemically “boring,” though, is one of the main reasons why it’s so highly valued, even today.

This is the conclusion of Andrea Sella, distinguished professor of chemistry at University College London. In 2013, Sella spoke with Justin Rowlatt of the BBC World Service, walking him through all 118 elements of the periodic table.

Gold, according to Sella, is the best possible candidate for a currency of any value.

As he points out, we can automatically eliminate whole swaths of the periodic table for various reasons. We can cross out gases, halogens and liquids such as helium, fluorine and mercury. No one wants to carry around vials of a colorless gas or, in the case of mercury and bromine, a poisonous substance.

We can then rule out alkaline earth metals such as magnesium and barium for being too reactive and explosive. Carcinogenic, radioactive elements such as uranium and plutonium are too impractical, as are synthetic elements that exist only momentarily in lab experiments—seaborgium and einsteinium, for example.

That leaves us with the 49 transition and post-transition metals: titanium, nickel, tin, lead, aluminum and more.

But many of these pose problems that should immediately exclude them from consideration as a currency. Most are too hard to smelt (titanium), too flimsy for coinage (aluminum), too corrosive (copper) and/or too plentiful (iron).

We are now left with just eight candidates, the noble metals: platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, osmium, ruthenium, silver and gold. These are all attractive as currencies, but except for silver and gold, they’re simply too rare.

So: silver and gold.

What gives gold the edge over silver, however, is—once again—its chemical inertness. Unlike its white cousin, gold doesn’t tarnish. It’s nonreactive to air and water. Add to this its softness, and it easily emerges as the perfect currency. Ancient peoples recognized this, and I don’t think anyone now would have any problem coming to the same conclusion either., U.S. Global Investors

“I view gold as the primary global currency.”

Those are the words of former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan.

“It is the only currency, along with silver, that does not require a counterparty signature. Gold, however, has always been far more valuable per ounce than silver. No one refuses gold as payment to discharge an obligation. Credit instruments and fiat currency depend on the credit worthiness of counterparty. Gold, along with silver, is one of the only currencies that have an intrinsic value. It has always been that way. No one questions its value, and it has always been a valuable commodity, first coined in Asia Minor in 600 BC.”

Right now, for the first time in human history, world currencies are free-floating, meaning they’re not backed by anything tangible.

It’s largely because of this that world debt has been allowed to soar to astronomical highs in recent years, threatening the stability of the global economy. As we’ve seen in Zimbabwe, Venezuela and elsewhere, a nation’s currency can rapidly lose its value and become worthless. Families and individuals who didn’t have a portion of their wealth stored in a real asset such as gold lost everything.

If you are interested in investing in gold and silver, look no further. Visit me at Goldwiser located at 24910 Kuykendahl Rd., Tomball, TX 77375. I am available Monday through Saturday 10am to 7pm. Stop by today and begin to plan for your future. Just ask for Gina!

H/T Forbes


8 Ways That You Know Summer Is Coming To An End

1. You see the ever-constant “I can’t believe it” statuses.

You know what I’m talking about. Every other person is posting something like, “I can’t believe that this summer is over and I’m heading back to school next week. Summer flew by!” In addition, he or she proclaims what year of college they are heading into. Not that there’s anything wrong with announcing how sad you are that summer is over, as I have definitely done this in the past.

2. There are pumpkins and Halloween decorations EVERYWHERE.

It’s terrifying to walk into a craft or department store in the middle of August and see shelves stocked with Halloween decorations, costumes, Candy Corn, and pumpkins. You think to yourself, “Why are those there?! Aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves? It’s not even September yet!” We all think it. We all love Halloween, but why are we rushing to October already? I understand that we’re ready to plan our Halloween costumes, but we’ve still got some summer left! I don’t even want to mention the Christmas decorations out already! I see you!

3. Boots are replacing sandals in the stores.

Ladies, you know what I mean when I say this. All of those fabulous summer season sandals and wedges start moving over onto the sales racks to make way for the FALL foot wear, even though you still have another month and a half until the fall. Boots make their way back onto the shelves, taking precious time away from the shoes that only get to be worn during one season. It’s just not right.

4. Back-To-School Commercials

When you were a kid, you were sort of pumped to do all of that back-to-school shopping. You had a list from your teacher of what you needed and Mom would take you shopping for all your needed gear. Those were the days. Now your list consists of heavy and expensive textbooks that you’ll only use for a few months. At the end of those few months you’ll have to buy MORE. What a cruel twist of fate.


Pumpkin decorations are not the only thing that will soon be everywhere. Everything pumpkin flavor will soon be back into season as well. Pumpkin pastries. Pumpkin pudding. Pumpkin candy. Pumpkin beer. Pumpkin lattes. Pumpkin pie. We are apparently obsessed with pumpkin. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some pumpkin pie, but I don’t need this pumpkin overload until October, or if I’m in the mood, the end of September. Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin!

6. You also see a lot of “Gonna miss this” statuses/pictures.

Not only does every person and their mom remind you when school is starting back up again, but people post a lot of “I’m going to miss this” or “Last time of the summer” photos. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I’m just reminding everyone of the common theme.

7. “End-of-Summer Blowout”


The same department stores that are filling their shelves with fall décor, as well as fall clothing, want to sell you the rest of their summer stuff. They’re basically saying, “Here. Just take it. Take it all! Bye Summer! Bye bye! (Insert maniacal laugh here).” Which is funny because they’re telling you to buy summer items, even though it’s time for you to purchase fall items. Color me confused.

8. You start making plans for next summer.

You didn’t get to do everything that you wanted to do this summer. The season has a funny way of racing by you. Sure you did a lot, you had fun, saw friends, and got to vacation, but it still wasn’t enough time. Since you couldn’t get it all done, you just have to save it for next year. Which is good news because next summer is only nine months away. Get excited.

Your Weekend Plans Have Arrived Inside

Saturday, August 12, 2017

·         Zoo Yoga at the Houston Zoo – Bring your child aged from 4 to 10 years old to the Houston Zoo for a morning of yoga with animal-inspired poses. Included with admission. 8am.

·         Texas Black Women’s Expo at NRG Center – Shop around, visit with vendors, see a fashion show and more at this expo at NRG. $20. 10am to 7pm.

·         Southern Fried Chicken Fest at Levy Park – Stuff your face with fried chicken at this festival showcasing live music, a hot sauce competition, wing eating contest, and creative takes on Southern fried chicken from local food vendors. Tickets start at $10. 2pm to 9pm.

·         Opening Reception: On the Verge at Archway Gallery | FREE – Hear from artist Susan Spjut and photographer Michael Bonagurio and then check out their exhibition On the Verge at the opening reception at Archway Gallery. 5pm to 8pm.

·         The Market at Sawyer Yards – Shop a curated selection of specialty foods, folk art, and artisan crafts during this evening market hosted by The Washington Avenue Arts District. 6pm to 10pm.

·         Lil Yachty in Concert at Warehouse Live – Get tickets to see rapper Lil Yachty when his Teenage Tour stops through Houston for a show at Warehouse Live in EaDo. Tickets start at $29.50. 6:30pm.

·         Sacred Music Sacred Dance for World Healing at Asia Society Texas Center –Witness a performance from the multiphonic singers of Tibet’s Drepung Loseling Monastery, who will play traditional instruments and perform ancient dances at Asia Society. Tickets start are$25 for members and $30 for nonmembers. 7pm.

·         Rod Stewart & Cyndi Lauper in Concert at Smart Financial Centre – British rock singer Rod Stewart and singer-songwriter Cyndi Lauper are on tour together and will make a stop in Sugar Land for a show that’s sure to entertain. Tickets start at $94.50. 7:30pm.

·         Boats, Bats & Brews at Buffalo Bayou – Hop in your kayak or canoe and paddle out on Buffalo Bayou to see the bats emerge from the Waugh Bridge at dusk. Then hang out with BCO and enjoy a couple brews afterward. 7:30pm to 10pm.

·         Houston Dynamo vs. San Jose Earthquakes at BBVA Compass Stadium – The Dynamo are having a strong season and the San Jose Earthquakes will try to shake things up at this Saturday night game. Tickets start at $20. 8pm.

·         Sweet Charity at EaDo Playhouse – Be transported to New York in this 1960s comedy from Neil Simon about a hostess looking for love. $25. 8pm.

·         Independence Day Festival at Pakistan Association of Greater Houston – Celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day with live music, traditional foods, raffles and more at this festival at the Pakistan Association of Greater Houston. 8pm.

·         The Lego Batman Movie Screening at Sugar Land Town Square | FREE – Bring the whole family to catch an outdoor screening of The Lego Batman Movie at Sugar Land Town Square. 8:15pm.

·         50th Anniversary Tribute to The Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band at Miller Outdoor Theatre | FREE – Jam to hits from the Beatles’ classic album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band at this tribute concert from The Texas Medical Center Orchestra and Fab 5. 8:30pm.

·         Pixar’s Finding Dory Movie Screening at Discovery Green | FREE – Bring the whole family to see the wildly popular animated film Finding Dory at Discovery Green. 8:30pm.

·         International Saturdays at Belvedere Lounge – Party all night and dance to beats from DJ ND at Uptown Park nightclub Belvedere Lounge. 9pm.

·         The Late Show at Prohibition Supperclub & Bar – Go back to the 1920s when the Moonlight Dolls take the stage at Prohibition Supperclub & Bar for this tastefully suggestive performance. $40. 11:30pm.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

·         Kawaii Accessories Craft Workshop at Insomnia Gallery – Learn how to make jewelry with kawaii style cabochons and beads at this craft workshop hosted by Pop Shop America. $28. 11am to 1pm.

·         Urban Harvest Farmers Market at Saint Arnold Brewing Co. – Shop for goods from the Urban Harvest Farmers Market, which will be on-site at Saint Arnold Brewery on Sunday afternoon. 11am to 4pm.

·         Sunday Funday: Bubble, Barley, and Beer with The Houston Wave – Hop on The Wave with Tessa Trace of Houston Cookie Crew and Jeff Weinstock of Cake & Bacon and visit their favorite spots in Houston on this chef-led food tour. $190. Noon to 4pm.

·         Pints & Puppies at 8th Wonder Brewery – Bring your four legged friends over to Pints & Puppies where a portion of the proceeds will go toward local charities supporting dog rescue. Tickets start at $10. 1pm to 4pm.

·         The Man in the Locket at Theatre Suburbia – Catch the world premiere of Local playwright Kris Thompson’s show The Man in the Locket at Theatre Suburbia. $16. 3pm.

·         Annie at Purple Box Theater – Sing along to songs like “Tomorrow” and “It’s the Hard-Knock Life” at this production of the classic musical Annie. $15. 3pm.

·         Houston Dash vs. FC Kansas City at BBVA Compass Stadium – Go back to the ’90s at this theme night game between FC Kansas City and the Dash at BBVA. Tickets start at $17. 7:30pm.


This Ironman Suit is Happening!

Hold onto your seats Marvel fans and tech enthusiasts. Before you know it, a real-life “Iron Man” suit will be on the market — and yes, it can fly. Developed by Richard Browning, the co-founder of start-up company Gravity, the jet engine-powered flying suit was designed to “re-imagine manned flight.” With two arm-mounted engines that weigh up to 90 pounds and a temperature threshold of 700°C (1292°F), the highly-anticipated invention will also feature wings. And did we mention it will be 3D-printed?

GOLDWISERThe Gravity jet engine-powered flying suit was unveiled at Comic-Con in San Diego, CA, where Browning dished details to Tested’s Adam Savage. The newest version of the suit is comprised of four arm-loaded thrusters and an additional jet pack that is strapped to the user’s back. As noted above, two engine arm configurations can reach temperatures of 700°C (1292°F).

3D Printing Industry reports that if handled responsibly, the rockets aren’t as dangerous as they first might seem. This is because the heat is quickly dispersed by the air which, in turn, reduces the risk of one’s boots or sneakers catching on fire.

Browning explained that the movement of the suit is controlled by a very “intuitive” system. For instance, minor movements of the arms determine the direction and height by altering the jet’s vector. It helps that a DAQRI augmented reality (AR) helmet with a heads-up display is connected. Not only does the AR helmet monitor the suit’s performance, it shows the data of speed and altitude in real-time, eliminating the need to check one’s wrist.

Browning flew the suit at Comic-Con, wowing comic fans and technology entrepreneurs. He was reportedly able to fly at a speed up to 45/50 mph. Right now, between seven and eight different versions of the suit are in development; modifications will affect the functionality and appearance of the suit. “We are working on a whole bunch of adaptations with the manufacturer,” said Browning “to make [the engines] much more fit for what we’re now using them for, because clearly they weren’t designed for this.”

The most exciting part of the next-generation suit is that it will be 3D-printed and will feature temperature proof, one-piece aluminum housing for the thrusters. Because the control modules are in need of improvements, the engine configuration will also be changed. Finally, wings will be added to the suit to change the pattern of flight from vertical to airfoil. I’m quite excited about that, Browning said. “We’ve fully CADed up a beautiful, organic inspired housing, and that’s being 3D printed now.”

No further information has yet been obtained about the potential cost or release date of the real-life Iron Man suit. However, in the past, Browning informed interested buyers that a custom-built suit should cost approximately $250,000.

H/T 3DPrintingIndustry

Protect What’s Worth Protecting

Visit Goldwiser for your financial needs!What a soggy last couple of days! Overnight, some parts of the city received upwards of 8 inches of rain which means that a lot of the creeks and bayous went out of their banks and caused widespread flooding throughout the city. Many roads are still unpassable, but there is relief in sight. Since it seems like the atmosphere may be all cried out for now, the chances for more rainfall today have dropped considerably from the time you may have gotten up this morning.

No, I’m not a meteorologist or have any desire to be one but weather has always fascinated me from as long as I can remember. My father said that I was crazy for playing around outside as the eye of Hurricane Gloria passed over Long Island, N.Y. Friends thought that I was crazy for splashing around in puddles during a severe thunderstorm. I’ve never cared for the lightning part of the storms, but the sound of pouring rain is the most beautiful piece of music to me.

I love the rain, but I also can appreciate how dangerous it can be when warnings are not heeded. When Hurricane Ike struck the Galveston/Houston area, the power of its devastation was certainly not lost on me. Being over 80 miles inland from where it made a direct hit, I thought, along with thousands of fellow neighbors, were pretty shocked at the level of damage that the storm caused. We’re not just talking about the common stuff like downed power lines, tree limbs and fences, but we’re talking about structural damage to buildings including many homes. Thankfully, flooding was not an issue where I was but my house was not so lucky.

Yes, of course I had homeowners insurance but not everyone was as fortunate. I had neighbors that no longer carried it since their homes were paid for. Watching them struggle to get their homes back to normal and the length of time it took them was so painful. We all can look back and say well I would have, could have or should have but once you’re in that predicament all that does is defeat your spirit.
The lesson in this: make sure that you have insurance on the things that are worth protecting and if your find yourself in a situation like this know that there are some things that you can do. The essentials in life; shelter, food and clothing are mandatory. Everything else, while it can be sentimental is not required for your survival and well-being. So when you are considering how to approach it in a realistic manner. If it will help me to obtain those necessities, then do what’s necessary.

Silver’s Most Interesting Facts

Of course, everyone drools over gold but there’s another precious metal that you should be taking a look at: silver. Lots of people usually invest in silver or wear it as jewelry, but there is way more to silver than you think. Listed below are some facts about silver.

Interesting Silver Facts
• Silver is another type of precious metal and has been around for thousands of years.
• In the English language, there is no word that rhymes with “Silver.”
• Silver is considered to be a transitional metal element with a weight of just 107.8682 atomic, 47 is the atomic number, and the symbol is Ag.
• Silver is used in solar cells, telescopes, microscopes, and mirrors because it is very shiny. It is the most reflective of elements. You know what makes silver even shiner when it is polished it can reflect up to 95% of the visible light spectrum. Even though silver is very shiny, it is a poor reflector of ultraviolet light.
• Silver made its first debut around 5000 BC.
• Silver can exist in many forms. They include nuggets or crystals. Electrum is what happens when silver occurs naturally with gold. Silver typically happens in copper, lead, or even zinc ores.
• Luckily silver metal is not toxic to humans and can be used to decorate food. Although silver salts are toxic, silver kills bacteria and other organisms. How helpful!
The only element more ductile than precious silver is fine gold. One wire stretching eight thousand feet long comes from an ounce of silver.
• The best conductor of all the elements is silver. In fact, it is a standard in which other drivers are compared too. Silver ranks 100 on the electrical conductivity scale of zero to one hundred. Next is copper at ninety-seven then gold at seventy-six.
• Did you know that the words ‘silver’ and ‘money’ are the same in fourteen different languages?
• The atomic number for silver is forty-seven, but the atomic weight is 107.8682.
• Just a grain of silver, which weighs sixty-five mg, can be compressed into a sheet 150 times more delicate than a regular piece of paper.
• The best thermal conductor of all the metals is silver. In fact, the lines on your rear view window are silver, the purpose of these lines are to defrost ice in winter.

4 Easy Ways to Test Your Jewelry

I can’t tell you how many times I have had someone come in to my store telling me how they tested their jewelry at home. The hardest part is when I have to tell them that what they think is real, isn’t. I hate the disappointment in their faces and while I would much rather that you come in to see me first, here is an easy way that you can preliminarily determine if you have jewelry that’s made out of gold, silver or platinum.

The Magnet Test

This is this easiest test for you to do at home. It’s simple! Take a magnet and bring it close to your piece of jewelry. There should be no movement from the piece of jewelry towards the magnet. There are some exceptions to this rule, but if it sticks to the magnet it’s most likely not going to be real.


Inspect your jewelry for any markings that identify what material the item is made out of. You are looking for marks, such as: 10k, 14, 18k, 925, PT, Plat. These are just a few of the many marking your jewelry may have.

Other Methods

There many other “at home” methods to test your jewelry, but I can’t support any of them. To me, they’re mostly all old-wives tales. I know some of you may swear by them, but even if it were to tell you that you have gold or silver, they won’t tell you what purity you have.

The Best Test

The best test is always done by a professional! Just gather your items up and bring them in to 24910 Kuykendahl Rd., Tomball, TX 77375, Monday through Saturday 10 am to 7 pm and just ask for Gina! I’ll test everything, in front of you and explain to you the process.

Come see me today!