Most of the Central Business District and French Quarter hotels require a four to five day minimum stay, and they steadily book blocks of rooms beginning in August. Make your reservations now!

Hotels are often solidly booked by December, so reserve ahead of time. Check out recommended hotels close to the action or Mardi Gras packages. If they are sold out, we also recommend the hotels that are listed on

Okay, so now it’s January, and you decide you want to visit New Orleans on Fat Tuesday. Should you even try? Yes! It is worth it, but just be prepared to spend a lot of time on the phone. Keep calling. Hotels have cancellations, and there are waiting lists. If you are persistent, you just may find a place somewhere.

And remember, the parades and festivities start well before Fat Tuesday! Hotels often have rooms available when the parades first begin. This is a great time to visit New Orleans if you want to see some parades and get a great Mardi Gras experience without all the crowds.

New Orleans Tips & Recommendations


It is a festive time in New Orleans. During the day, listen to jazz musicians as you shop the French Quarter, the Riverwalk and the Jax Brewery, or see the Aquarium. Check out for discount coupons for riverboat cruises, New Orleans attractions and restaurants. Before you know it, it’s time for a night parade.

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