Disney World is committed to keeping their parks fresh, fun and entertaining! The year 2019 is no exception, with the all of the parks bursting at the seams with activity. 

Disney World will celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2021.  Many of the new attractions for 2019 and corresponds to Disney’s 50th anniversary. That year will be a huge year for Disney and the Parks will unveil new things every year leading up to the anniversary as well.  Here’s what is scheduled for Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2019.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Lightning McQueen’s Race Academy

Spring 2019

This brand-new show is sure to race into the heart of Cars fans who visit Disney World in 2019. Featuring characters from the animated movie Cars, visitors will get a chance to meet Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez. Look for the Race Academy near the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster attraction.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Fall 2019

Can you believe Mickey and Minnie Mouse have never been featured in a ride at Walt Disney World? Well, all that will change in 2019 when Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway debuts.

What's New at Disney

Set to replace fan favorite, The Greatest Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Chinese Theater, visitors will join Mickey & Minnie for a ride-through attraction based on the retro-style cartoon shorts. Guests can also look forward to a new original story as well as a catchy theme song. In addition, the attraction will feature 2 ½ D, a new breakthrough dimensional media concept that doesn’t require 3D glasses.  This is a must see that fans have been waiting for!!

Star War’s Galaxy Edge

Fall 2019

When detailing what’s new at Disney World, you can’t overlook all that’s happening with the Star Wars Universe. It’s no secret Disney World has been planning a Star Wars-themed land. Guests have been waiting for this new land and in 2019 it will finally open! Star War’s Galaxy Edge will include new rides, restaurants, and shopping.  Highlights include two new attractions—Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. The all-new land, which will be on 14-acres (Disney’s largest), is set to be totally interactive.  Yessssss!

Hollywood Studios 30th Anniversary

Throughout the Year

May 1st marks the 30th anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Special things will be happening throughout the park all year long. Highlights include Pixar Place being taken over by The Incredibles! Guests can look forward to new meet and greets, a dance party, and much more as Pixar Pier is transformed into a Municiberg city block.

Wonderful World of Animation

May 2019

A spectacular new show will open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to celebrate the special 30th Anniversary of the park. The show will use state-of-the-art projection technology to take guests on a magical journey through more than 90 years of Disney animation—all starting with Mickey Mouse!

What's New at Disney World

Does all of this sound exciting?  You bet it does!  And all of these new activities is from just one of the Parks — Hollywood Studios.  There is more to come at the other Parks.  Stay tuned to Part 2.

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