Tips to Save you Time and Money on a Disney World Vacation – Part 1

Tips to Save you Time and Money on a Disney World Vacation – Part 1

Saving time and being prepared are key factors in making sure you you have a magical time at Disney.   Budgeting is important — have an idea how approximately what you plan to spend each day at the parks.  Most restaurants have menus and prices posted on line. Plan with your family what park you will go to each day  — that will save both time and dollars. Planning which attractions your family will visit helps save time and creates less stress. Here are a few other great tips for saving your time and money at Magic Kingdom Park in Disney World.

Bags or No Bags

Skipping the bag check line completely by going bagless during your park day is a great way to save time at the park entrance and as you load onto each ride during the day.  If you cannot go bagless, bringing a small bag with only a few compartments is a good idea.  Have all the compartments unzipped and ready to be checked upon entrance to the park.


Bring Your Own Stroller/Scooter

If you decide to bring your own stroller or scooter to The Magic Kingdom you will eliminate the time it takes to rent one at the park gate. Sure, the rental process is pretty quick and seamless, but going straight into the park without the need to wait in a line is a perk of bringing your own.  Plus you will save money not having to rent a stroller or scooter.

Plan Before the Day

Speak to your family/group about the park plan before entering the park to cut down on dead time discussing what is next attraction visit when you arrive at the park.  This will ensure that you can head straight to your first attraction after rope drop.

Reserve Fast Passes Before the Trip

If you complete all your fast passes during the park day you will be eligible to reserve additional Fast passes on the MyDisneyExperience app.  Take the opportunity to snag those additional fast passes if you are able to.  Otherwise, try to do all your preliminary fastpass booking prior to your trip, to cut down on dead time in the park spent searching for fast passes and discussing the choices with the group.  Again, pre-planning is the key.

Starbucks Coffee Order

Pool cash and make one Starbucks order on Main Street U.S.A. to avoid sticking around to wait for multiple orders.  Better yet, get coffee at your resort before the park day so you can be caffeinated and ready to go at rope drop without the need to juggle a coffee in line for rides. If you are staying at a WDW Resort, purchase a refillable cup for coffee or fountain drinks at the resort.  Although guests cannot refill the cups at the parks, this will save money for coffee and sodas.  On my last trip to Disney, I purchased the refillable mug — the savings on coffee and sodas more than paid for the mug.  Plus you have a Disney souvenir cup to use at home.


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