Disney Springs is incredible, and it keeps getting better and better. The district has close to twice as many choices as it did when it was Downtown Disney, and they are not finished adding restaurants and entertainment yet! Parking is quite a bit easier than it was a few years ago, there are now two garages and a third one is planned. In a day and age where prices seem to keep rising, parking at Disney Springs remains free. If you haven’t stopped by Disney Springs lately, make it a part of your next Walt Disney World vacation. You will probably keep going back.

Casual Sit Down Meals

If you have heard anything about Disney Springs, it probably included all of the fine dining options. While those are fantastic, there are also some great casual places for a meal. You can dine with the dinosaurs, inside an observatory, in the middle of a rainforest, or while watching a movie. You can also travel around the world, with Irish, Italian, and Cuban classics, or try dishes from all of the Americas. If you’d rather stay close to home, try Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming. The celebrity chef was once a part of the Disney College Program, and he’s happy to bring his delicious creations back home.

disney Springs restaurant

Signature Dining

There are many different signature dining experiences at Disney Springs, enough to keep you coming back. The fine dining restaurants are all unique, and they take the word “experience” very seriously. You can enjoy fresh seafood, fine steak, Pan-Asian specialties, and Californian cuisine. Some of the signature restaurants are associated with celebrity chefs, and the results are spectacular. Disney Springs is not yet finished, so even more signature dining is on the way. You can relax with a fine meal, enjoy a decadent dessert, and sip a signature cocktail. The rush and bustle of the theme parks will feel like a distant memory.

Disney Springs Boathouse Restaurant

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(Partially Taken from DisDining.com)