A Little Bit About Disney Springs Part 1

A Little Bit About Disney Springs

Part 1

Disney Springs is incredible, and it keeps getting better and better. The district has close to twice as many choices as it did when it was Downtown Disney, and they are not finished adding restaurants and entertainment yet! Parking is quite a bit easier than it was a few years ago, there are now two garages and a third one is planned. In a day and age where prices seem to keep rising, parking at Disney Springs remains free. If you haven’t stopped by Disney Springs lately, make it a part of your next Walt Disney World vacation. You will probably keep going back.



With all four lands at Disney Springs now open, it feels more like a real town than it did when it was Downtown Disney. True, it’s a town filled with over 150 shops and restaurants, but the theme makes it worth the trip. Parts of it are beautiful. Marketplace and West Side still have the same basic feel. The Landing has a more upscale tone than the area did before, and the water is incorporated into the theme. The most unique area of Disney Springs is Town Center. With Spanish architecture, you might not feel like you are still at Walt Disney World. There are some great picture opportunities, and sometimes PhotoPass photographers are on hand. If you can, visit Town Center first thing in the morning. It will be less crowded so you can take more pictures, and you’ll miss the heat of the day.

Walt disney sounds like summer concerts


There are times the family would like to take a day off from the theme parks, but yet everyone still would like to be entertained.  Sleep in, then head to Disney Springs! You can see a movie, bowl, take a balloon ride, participate in a dance party, watch a local band, attend a concert, and much more. Disney Springs may be known for shopping and dining, but there are plenty of entertainment options as well. There is always something going on.  If you have not been there, make it part of your Disney trip!!

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(Partially taken from DisDining.com)