Martin Katz, jewelry for the Emmys

The vault at Saks Fifth Avenue the department store’s wildly luxe, basement-level fine jewelry bonanza. One of the many prestigious names that comprise this glittering tableau is Beverly Hills, Calif.–based couture jewelry designer, Martin Katz. 

75.6 carat cabochon Paraiba Tourmaline necklace, $602,000

Well known for his innumerable celebrity clients and longtime dominance on awards show red carpets, Katz’s Saks presence encompasses a curated boutique collection of jewels, with prices ranging from $6,500 to $700,000. The assortment is centered on one-of-a-kind, limited-edition numbered pieces bearing the award-winning jewelry designer’s signature.

paddle earrings in white gold with diamonds and sapphires, $22,000

Certainly more than a few of the Saks pieces would cut quite the figure on the Emmys red carpet held last night. Mr. Katz worked with several of last night’s nominees, and this, of course, was not divulged before the Emmys.

Trapezoid Diamonds, Paraiba Tourmaline and Sapphire $407,000

Katz, one of the original “celebrity jewelers,” has been loaning his treasures to stars since the 1990s, when consumer interest in the whole “Who are you wearing?” thing was in its infancy. In the following decade, he observed a shift in how jewels make their way to the carpet, and he had things to say…

In 2003, Katz told the New York Times: “It’s not fun like it used to be.…Early on, celebrities would come in, we’d talk about their gown, we’d play around with the jewelry, try on different looks. Now, you rarely see the star. Everything is done through a stylist or designer or public relations person. It’s frustrating.” Well, if I was going to wear some of the gorgeous designs by Mr. Katz, I would make the effort to show up in person. What is up with entertainers. I suppose being polite and courteous and showing some appreciation to the jewelry designer is not in “fashion”.

Round and pear shaped Paraiba Tourmaline and sapphire earrings, $67,000

And in 2017, he told the same newspaper (via JCK’s own Victoria Gomelsky): “If you roll back the tapes 15, 20 years ago, back then when it was still fresh, and you look at the thrill when the celebrity said: ‘Look what I’m wearing! Can you believe I’m getting to wear this!’ That’s when it was fun.”

Paddle pendant in white gold, diamonds and sapphires $18,000

The question is now: How do we make it fun again? The only way this will be fun again is if someone sends these entertainers to charm school, where perhaps they will pick up a few lessons in how to treat someone who is doing you a favor. These people really do believe their own publicity. Sad

These gorgeous pieces apparently are not enough to get them to offer a simple thank you.

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