Green is for August and we are going green

This is not about green the color of money, or green grass, or jealousy, or eco anything, it’s just about the heavenly color green. And it is more than just a color.

Chrysoprase earrings

In retail, if you ask customers what their favorite color is, nine times out of ten you will hear if not bleu then green. Bleu goes with everything, beautiful as a center stone, and for sure bleu is a soothing color, well green is a favorite among those who do not say bleu and I for one have a tough time deciding which one is my favorite.

peridot earrings

I know when looking at gemstones jewelry, I am always drawn to blue or green. Blue sapphires, Montana sapphire, blue topaz, blue diamond, aquamarine, spinel, apatite, kyanite, chalcedony, and these are just a few of the bleu stones.

green amethyst ring

In green stones, we have emerald, aventurine, chalcedony, prasiolite, peridot, tourmaline, malachite, jade, chrysoprase, tsavorite garnet, demantoid garnet, chrome diopside, and the list goes on.

malachite pendant

In tourmaline, you have bleu, green and indicolite the most expensive of all and it is a very rare stone that it is a true blue-green, from light to darker stones.

Chrome Diopside

Chalcedony comes in a variety of colors, and the aqua and mint green are the most popular. Peridot is one of a kind green, there is no other like it. Chrome diopside from Siberia is a very rich green. And of course emeralds, one of the top three gemstones in the world.

emerald hoops

Emerald is the birthstone for May babies, and two of my best friends are May babies and green does happen to be their favorite color. And they wear it well, and oddly enough they both have green eyes.

mint tourmaline

Oddly enough the color sensation that is being seen everywhere is pistachio, a lovely soft green. It is in evening wear, T-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, shorts, slacks, pistachio is everywhere and it is easy to blend in any wardrobe.

emerald and diamond ring

Malachite has been done in some very nice jewelry, with quartz over the top of the Malachite and the hue is a lighter green than the malachite by itself.

large carat peridot ring with diamonds 11.6 tcw

Chrysoprase and Chalcedony make stunning jewelry pieces. They are opaque stones and the shades of green are irresistible.

chrysoprase earrings

There are gemstones for every color in the rainbow but blue and green come out winners hands down.

green apatite

There are so many more photos I wanted to use but there is room for just so many. Thank you to JCK magazine for the content on the color of green.

pistachio nugget pearls

Brittany Siminitz with JCK Magazine