Jewelry industry concerned about our natural resources

The jewelry industry seems to be concerned about finding a less damaging way to create jewelry, and give back to the communities who provide their materials. Apparently, jewelers are designing sustainable jewelry and have been for a while, but it is now being brought to the attention of the consumer. And what this means is jewelers are obtaining their gold from responsible sources and gemstones from natural sources. It is a less damaging way to create jewelry

14k gold and tourmaline earrings

Conscious, eco-friendly shopping has become fashionable. I don’t want to call it a trend, for that, would imply an eventual waning demand, and this early in the game, that’s not what we need. But whatever the reason, wherever it started, shoppers are picking up on the idea of less waste, more long-term purchases, paying special attention to the who, what, where, when, why, and how of their products.

Tourmaline and diamond earrings

This is an industry that is home to many, many members who have taken the initiative to be better. And by the way, we can appreciate the fact that this industry has become so resource conscious. And at the same time, these jewelers are offering some of the most beautifully made, and incredible creations.

Cloud ring in 18k rose gold and amethyst

From working with ethical suppliers to using recycled and reclaimed materials, these designers are showing us that, while it may not be easy being green, it sure looks good. No, it is not easy being green as Kermit the frog said but in this case WOW, the consumer is sure to benefit.

Pink freshwater souffle pearl with rubies set in rose gold

Thank you JCK magazine, Brittany Siminitz