Summertime conjures up all kinds of great memories spent at the beach. Stacks of little bracelets made of rope with seashells and little gold bracelets, and silver bracelets and of course this would show your tan line when taken off. These were fun times. And the big beach ball with primary colors that we threw to each other on the beach. Charms of starfishes, beach balls, sand dollars, fish shapes, anchors, and anything nautical.

A woman in Philadelphia, Jane Winchester Paradis, has designed some of these same items in gold and vermeil jewelry. One is a set of three pendants, together on a chain, a fish hook, the strong coin, and a compass star in gold and diamonds. This is what started my trip down memory lane about summertime. I simply find myself smiling when writing about this.

And of course, the sun charm gold vermeil and diamond on a 16-inch chain for $198.00. All of these so reminiscent of summer. Brings back so many great memories if you were and are a summer person. I love all things summer. Brightly colored beach towels, beach umbrellas, the sound of the waves, I couldn’t wait to go to the beach. And then digging up shells to put in your pail specifically for holding all your seashells, with the matching shovel, and then wash them off when you got home. And the cooler filled with all kinds of drinks, and sandwiches and anything that could stay fresh in the cooler to eat.

It was so much fun to be on the beach and I did not mind the sand between my toes, after all, it washes off.

The nautical look is popular in jewelry and home decor as well. How many back yards have pink flamingos by the pool, and bright colored beach towels with fish and tropical birds, and seashells all in bright colors. Of course the pillows for outdoor furniture covered with tiny sea horses in an aqua blue. And of course plates, platters, glasses, serving pieces all made for the patio with a beach or nautical theme, and in summertime colors of lime green, turquoise, aqua, pink, and sunny yellow. I myself have clear glasses with flamingos on them. It’s just fun to drink out of them and set them on flamingo napkins in aqua with pink birds or navy and white striped with an orange anchor.

So if you are not in a summer mood yet, pick up a few things for the patio or pool and soon you will be. It will make you smile inside and out.