Three Top Female Exec in Jewelry Business

Top three Female Executives in the Jewelry Business, names you will recognize if you are a jewelry aficionado.


It’s amazing to see how the fashion-jewelry industry has truly evolved over the last 20 years, and I hope we’ve had a positive contribution. We took a big ­effort to get away from the term costume jewelry and called it fashion jewelry because it’s an extension of what we see in the fashion industry—empowerment in embellishment and adornment, and symbolism of what that jewelry means for you. The crystals in Swarovski jewelry is the best available and when set in gold or silver tone jewelry, this does make a less expensive item for many who can’t afford to spend more.

Swarovski double diamond ring

A great collaborator has always been Stephen Webster [who designed the Atelier Swarovski Double Diamond collection featuring recycled 14k gold and Swarovski lab-created diamonds]. You truly feel his spirit in the work he does. He’s very liberated and very expressive. It’s joyful. We’re in the business of sparkle. As long as the end consumer wants that sparkle, we’re here to promote our peers and colleagues. And with this sparkle, the Swarovski jewelry will blend beautifully with any real gemstone jewelry one has.

Swarovski triple drop earring by Penelope Cruz


Sybil and David Yurman are certainly a power couple in the world of jewelry.  When painter Sybil founded New York City–based David Yurman with her sculptor husband, David, in 1980, they introduced the radical idea of having ­artisan metalsmiths craft in silver rather than gold—a ­watershed moment for the democratization of fine jewelry. Their collections’ distinctive designs—and the iconic cable bracelet style—have remained consistent even as the brand has grown. Sybil Yurman serves as chief brand officer for the company, which currently has 33 David Yurman stores in the United States and 11 internationally.

Yurman Cable Bracelets

We believe in brick-and-mortar, and we believe it’s very important. People want to feel and touch jewelry. They want the romance of it, the physical experience. With both of us being artists and showing in galleries, we brought that same way of presenting ourselves in jewelry stores, which was to show my collection. It had to be shown by collection to show you that it had a power to it and energy to it. I would have to agree with this concept, brick and mortar can do more for purchases like high-end jewelry than e-commerce can. What looks pretty in the picture may not look pretty on the person.

David Yurman, Citrine, Iolite, Topaz, Green and pink tourmaline rings


She is president and CEO of Charles and Colvard.  The Morrisville, N.C.–based company manufactures moissanite, a lab-created diamond simulant. In October 2016, Miglucci oversaw a major expansion in the company’s focus, creating the consumer-facing Forever One brand and marketing this brand-name moissanite as an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to diamonds.

Charles and Colvard Moissanite rings

And how does she view her management style, My management style is ultimately to get out of the way. And if I have really strong people around me that I can rely on, giving them the direction and then getting out of the way is the best way I can manage. I’m famous, or maybe infamous, for having locked a candidate out because they came with nothing in hand—no pen, no printed résumé, just a person in a suit. I knew immediately they weren’t a candidate. I thanked them for their time but I said, “Given your level of preparedness, I don’t know if you’re a good fit.” Anyone thinking of applying, hope you are familiar with what she expects from you on an interview.

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