Rent the Runway

In this day and time when it is mandatory to dress for work or for entertaining but your budget does not allow the purchase of designer clothing, Rent the Runway seems to be the answer for many. The cost is $159.00 a month to pick from the designer clothing and have the option to buy if you wish at a discounted price.

600 plus designer items at your fingertips plus more are added each week.

Flex up and rent infinite styles at a time, the sky is the limit.

Free faster shipping in 2 days or less

Free dry cleaning and insurance

On the spot swaps and try clothes on at all RTR stores

Get 25 % off all 4 day and 8 day rentals

There is a $159.00 monthly membership charge and for the first two months there is a discount of $40 but this is the first two months only. I think this probably works for many, but the temptation to purchase the designer clothing even at a discount could very easily lead to overspending when the purpose of this is to save money on clothing.

Nordstrom is now working with RTR and this is another example of Nordstrom’s knack for bringing in up-to-date brands and putting a modern spin on the kind of high-touch customer service that department stores were once so famous for. Trained stylists will be available at those Nordstrom locations to work with Rent the Runway members “to build out their ideal closet with a mix of rented and owned items from RTR & Nordstrom,” according to Rent the Runway’s email. This is a great idea, I just happen to see more money being spent on clothing than RTR is suggesting. I for one love clothing and can see me loving anything I picked out and have a hard time giving it back. I suppose even for those who love clothing, discipline from the get-go would be necessary or the spending gets way out of hand even with discounts on the clothing you love.

Now I really love the part about having a trained stylist on board to give suggestions and see what should be incorporated from RTR and purchases. This could stop a lot of impulse buying we are all guilty of impulse buying, and this can get costly when you don’t think through your purchases. If you buy something that you think is the perfect style or color and find that you really have no way of working this in your wardrobe, take it back or you are stuck with your purchase that will hang in the closet with the tags on it.

This idea again sounds great in theory, but I can see more money being spent and going off budget, the temptation is too great for most. And they are not doing this unless they are making a lot of money. That’s where the impulse buying comes into play.

Thank you Retail Dive for the article