A little of this and a little of that

Jewelry store owners have been warned, if the power if cut off at your store, call the police but do not try to handle it yourself. Over this last weekend, 5 stores in Florida had this happen and in four of the five the burglars never showed but in the fifth case, the police waited and took the would-be burglars in for questioning. When the power is cut the alarm system is disarmed and the power system cut off. There have been hundreds of these cases across the US. Jewelers have been given instructions to immediately call police and be aware that burglars may be close by waiting to see how they handle the power cut off.

Make sure the alarm company has a list of people to call in case the power is cut off, during the week, weekends, holidays, and vacation. There has to be someone to answer the alarm company if there are hopes of stopping the burglary. Jewelers must have all possible entries protected and back up if power is cut off. Jewelers have long been warned about being observant anyone they see milling around their store.


For the last 10 years, Europe has been using a “DNA spray” on intruders, the spray in each canister has its own long, unique code that’s used only once, so when the lab receives a swab, it can say with 100 percent accuracy that particular spray came from a specific canister, which was activated at a particular store on a specific day and time. And there is no way anyone could deny being on the premises. It will remain on the person and clothing for months.

SelectaDNA’s Intruder Spray System, which is distributed through CSI Protect in North America, is used in 46 countries by banks, fast-food chains, convenience stores and jewelry companies including TAG Heuer, Pandora, Chanel, and Watchfinder & Co. If all else fails this should help more than anything.

Of course, the object is crime prevention, but there will always be thieves out there thinking they should help themselves to whatever does not belong to them. They will be around till the end of time, to suggest to them to get a job and earn your own way is too much of a shock to the system.

NEW YORK (CBS Local) — With gold prices rising to a six-year high, people are starting to cash in by trading in their old jewelry for the newer looks, after all, jewelry changes as fashion changes.

Refiners and recyclers of gold, including Empire Gold Buyers and House of Kahn Estate Jewelers, say business is booming as investor interest in the precious metal returns after it mostly languished below $1,350 an ounce for years. And this was the perfect time to sell your old stuff and get something new. “People are coming out of the trenches,” Empire Gold Buyers CEO Gene Furman told Bloomberg. “Cartier, Rolexes, Tiffanys, Van Cleef: we see an uptick in the luxury market because people need to raise money.” I have no doubt that business was booming in the big apple, wonder how it was around the country.

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