Is Pink the Summer Color

The merchandising folks at Disney have announced the color for the mouse-ears-buying crowd who visit Disneyland is “pink”.This is the color that will cater to the crowd. Imagination pink is the shade of the year or at least summer anyway. Disney parks forecast possible trends in fashion and jewelry. I admit I never thought of Disney Parks as fashion forecasters.

Pink Sapphire and diamond ring

It is a rich pink that needs blending maybe with something else as it is a really rich pink and kind of over saturated. Now if you love pink period you will love this.

Spinel and diamond ring

Now in gemstone form, it is luscious. And mixed with other gemstones it is quite eye-catching whether in faceted form or cabochon. This is what pink should look like. Mixed with a complimentary color, and orange or yellow will do nicely.

pink tourmaline and citrine

This pink can come in the form of ruby, which really should be classified as pink sapphire, pink tourmaline, pink spinel, and of course genuine pink sapphire.

Since jewelry is an accessory to what we wear, although for those in the industry it is the other way around.  I say the more pop from richly hued pink gemstones, the better. Jewelry couldn’t possibly fall victim to the problem of too much color, because it’s nicely broken up by details like faceting, metal settings, diamond accents, and even other gemstones. If you’ve got it, sure! Whip up a showcase display filled with your finest bright pink. Better yet, incorporate all shades of pink! It is surprising how varied pink gemstones can be.

Ruby and diamond pendant

The pink sapphire and pink tourmaline combined with peridot, sapphire, citrine, orange fire opal, aquamarine, Madiera citrine, or even Morganite make stunning combinations. Rose gold seems to bring out the pinks even more, although white or yellow gold or even platinum will do the job, and this would also be up to the buyer. Some jewelry aficionados are not particularly fond of rose gold. Rose Gold in some cases is an acquired taste. Once the rose gold is observed with a pink or peach gemstone then it becomes more appealing. Even though pink can be a bit overpowering, if placed with the proper colored gemstones and in certain metals, it is quite beautiful.

Courtesy JCK Magazine

Brittany Siminitz