Show-stopping designs at the Vegas jewelry show by JCK

The JCK jewelry show in Las Vegas is a big deal and a place where designers can show off their creations and get the kind of exposure they need especially if they are new. It also showcases and awards the top designers and the competition is fierce. I picked a few of the pieces and truly these are gifted designers. Content JCK Magazine for Las Vegas Show

over 25 ct white and colored opals and diamonds set in gold by Yael designs $30,000

Granted these are not your everyday pieces but just to see the designs are a treat and how the stones are used in the jewelry. Opals have been considered by many as that plain milky white stone that has some color flashing through. Those are just bad opals. Opals should have plenty of fire and color and lately have been in higher demand. They are fragile stones but set the way these are set make it safer for the stones.

There is one piece that captures everyone’s attention and that is a black heart-shaped diamond with a diamond chain, 111.4 t.c.w. by VTse.

111.7.4 t.c.w.

Jewelry is all about what you like, what gemstones, the style, conservative or a little flashy. The color of the gemstones, of course, must be appealing and there are limitless combinations of color. Sometimes one color in perfectly matching stones in a suite is perfect and hard to find. Below is a chrysoprase suite, the stones are so evenly matched and the color is breathtaking. The stones are set in gold with diamond accents. This suite is by VTse. The person who sold the stones to the designer tried to buy them back as he was aware of how perfectly matched the stones are.

These types of shows pay particular attention to the gemstones and the value of the stones. It’s not about the metal but about the style and how certain stones are used. And chrysoprase is a stunning green/ blue, reminds me of chalcedony and yet is not an expensive stone, but it is painstaking work to match gemstones for bracelets for example because in a bracelet, of course, it is of utmost importance to have matching stones.

A suite like this is extraordinary workmanship and design. Someone who lover her work, the ring is a knockout.

The bracelets below are simple in design and that is what makes them so special and the combination of gemstones is appealing. The bracelets are perfect in design. The bracelets below are by Yael Designs.

The top bracelet is aquamarine and a trillion cut Morganite and diamonds, the second is Morganite and Tsavorite garnet and diamonds. These gemstones all compliment each other.