Mothers Day

Mothers Day is Sunday, and hopefully, most of you have asked Mom what she really wants. Better to give her something she wants, rather than something she really does not want and all she is thinking, why didn’t someone just ask me what I wanted. Most Moms answer to this question is

  1. A clean house. Think about it, there is only so much that can get done during the week if Mom works. So, get all the cleaning stuff out, vacuum, mops, cleansers, whatever Mom uses and get to it.
  2. Sleep, of course, smaller kids want to take breakfast to Mom in bed, wait till she wakes up, please
  3. Workouts are especially good for the new Mom, its a mood booster and Mom will feel great getting to get back into the routine of a workout. This is not the wish of all mothers, just the new ones.
  4. Spa day, I get giddy just thinking about it, a massage to get the kinks out of my neck and shoulders, and really just lie there and let them do the facial, the massages, mud bath, sit in a spa tub, I will even let you dry me off. I do not have the energy to do much more. OK, I am there.
  5. A day free from Mom routine, no kitchen duty, no washing clothes or kids or anything else, no chauffeur duty, just a day for Mom to do what she wants to do.
  6. Believe it or not a car wash and vacuum the inside and get it smelling nice, Moms just like Dads do not like riding around in a car that looks like the bottom of a birdcage. Get to it and clean her car.
  7. Now, this is cool, a subscription box. Go to Crate Joy. and pick the box for Mom that keeps on giving, everything from cosmetics to jewelry and anything in between. I like this one too.
  8. Make sure the Honey-do list is a honey done list, then everyone especially Mom will feel better.
  9. Take the “getting supper ready” off her list for a day or better a week. Let kids help Dad or if kids are old enough let them plan dinner, you would be surprised how much they would enjoy making the decision what to have for dinner and pleasing Mom
  10. And last but not least the best things in life are free, Moms love the handmade gifts from kids and they tend to keep them forever, I know I did.
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