End of week news, retail and jewelry

As e-commerce climbs to a 25 percent of the retail market by 2026, it is expected that there will be 75,000 more store closings. Of that there are 21,000 clothing stores, 10,000 consumer electronics, 8,000 home furnishing stores, and 1,000 home improvement stores.

For every 1% increase by e-commerce, means a store closing of 8,000 to 8,500. A lot of the e-commerce growth is because of Amazon, and they are expected to represent half of e-commerce traffic. And if on line grocery shopping grows to 10 percent , this could mean the closing of 7,000 grocery stores. 5,000 store closings already this year, Gap, Victoria Secret, Gymboree, and Charlotte Russe. This could help the other stores that will remain open.

A rare Faberge tiara will be auctioned off at Christies. The tiara will for sure draw a lot attention.

The tiara was made in 1904 as a wedding gift from Germany’s Frederick Francis IV, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, to his bride, Princess Alexandra of Hanover and Cumberland.

The Grand Duke’s mother was a Russian duchess and keen collector of Faberge jewels, who encouraged her 22-year-old son to order the gift from Faberge’s atelier in St Petersburg.

It arrived a month later than the wedding after the duke dallied over the choice of gem stones and Faberge’s sketches went missing, as detailed in letters between Russia and the German court. This tiara will sell.

“It is an absolutely beautiful tiara with nine graduated aquamarines,” said Max Fawcett, a jewelery specialist at Christie’s.

“There are very few Faberge tiaras in the world today and when they do come up for auction they always get a lot of attention,” he added.

The tiara design features forget-me-nots tied with ribbon bows, to signify true love, and which are pierced by cupid’s arrows. It will be sold in Geneva on May 15 alongside other gems. 

For all the Game of Throne fans, it appears that there is jewelry with a Game of Thrones theme to it. I admit, I feel a bit left out of this as I am one of the few who has not seen it. A pair of earrings will be embellished with the Game of Thrones with iconic symbols of the show.

The Targaryen charm bangle with egg, dragon and and arrowhead charms, and a Sansa – Stark trio inspired necklace. This show has captivated millions of fans and now you can have a piece of jewelry depicting your favorite house or character, and a ring will come out some time this month.