JA to target younger consumers interested in jewelry

A poll of retailers and suppliers decided that it was time to target a younger audience to boost their interest in jewelry. This is a fairly large segment of potential jewelry customers.

The campaign will focus on women in their 30’s who already have an affinity for jewelry and women in their 20’s who are somewhat indifferent. I was a bit surprised as I thought most females regardless of age, are interested in jewelry. Of course this is geared to the self purchasing female in these age groups.

The idea is to hit them with the fact that jewelry is not to accessorize you but becomes a part of you and who you are. The imagery in the campaign will have scenarios that are playful and joyful rather than the stoic images regularly seen in jewelry ads.

The campaign has been partially funded by Greenland Ruby, GIA, Silver Promotions Service, Shy Creations, JCK Industry Fund, Gabriel and CO, Forevermark, Gumuchian, and Rahaminov. JA is hoping to raise another $200,000 from within the industry.

Apparently JA feels this is a group that has been ignored where jewelry advertising is concerned, and it will take a different type of promotion to attract this group and get them in the stores to purchase jewelry.

There are several great books out on jewelry and this one is special. It is called A Bejewelled Life and Born from Lightning. Both of these books are great reading for any gem lover.

For now we will talk about A Bejewelled Life.Khan is known for being one of India’s leading jewelers to the stars. Her designs are coveted on an international scale. This book will give you snippets of poetry, insights into her creative processes, and photos. Her designs are unique. The jewelry lover as yet uninitiated in Khan’s inspirations, design vocabulary, and unique affinity for some of the most magnificent gemstones on the planet will quickly get a flavor for her perspective and preoccupations—nature, water, and the majesty of India from its colorful architecture to its royal families and decorative traditions.

Her jewelry has a taste of India but in a contemporary fashion. India has some of the finest gemstone cutters in the world. Her items have an Indian touch but universal in design. She also has a line of designer accessories. From her “doodles” on paper become beautiful pieces of jewelry.

The following is an exert from Born from Lightening, a book about Tanzanite.

Upon the discovery of Tanzanite in Tanzania a specimen was entrusted to the stonecutter Manuel de Souza, who shared some samples with distinguished gemologists. While the prospector thought that he had found some sapphires, he was astonished to learn that he had unearthed something altogether extraordinary. The new gem immediately caught the eye of Tiffany & Co. Since 1968, the New York-based jeweler has pushed the stone into the spotlight. It launched a campaign that was successful enough to earn tanzanite the noble title of ‘gem of the 20th century’. Tanzanite gained further renown when in 2002 the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) named tanzanite, together with turquoise, the birthstones for December. Tanzanite’s transformations have ultimately placed it alongside the most precious of precious gems. In short, tanzanite’s age of glory has finally dawned. Needless to say, tanzanite’s allure has attracted the attention of a list of famous designers: Lorenz Bäumer (France), Ruth Grieco (Brazil), Catherine Sauvage (Germany), MVee (Hong Kong) and TTF (China). In Asia and elsewhere, tanzanite is seen as the source of happiness for the happy few. Tanzanite: Born from Lightning showcases hundreds of beautiful pieces of tanzanite jewelry, including superb creations made by Boucheron, Bulgari, Cartier, Chanel, Chaumet, Chopard, Dior, Boucheron, Louis Vuitton, Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels, Wallace Chan and more. Tanzanite has been designated the gemstone find of the century.

The rich purple blue hue is incomparable. There is no stone like it. The stones that came from D block were the richest in color but that mine has been exhausted. Any rings coming from this mine are in existence but the price tag has increased substantially. At one time d block stones were $500 a carat but now the price is sky high for a loose stone. The stone in the light will flash red and you can see both colors in the stone.

But Tanzanite is fragile, if set in a ring it is not a go-to ring. Tanzanite can scratch easily and should be bezel set, rather than a Tiffany setting. Earrings and pendants are not a problem. They should be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap like ivory liquid and a brush with very soft bristles. This keeps the stone clean and lets it shine.

Both books are very interesting and I have barely touched on the material in these books. If you like gemstones, these books are great reading material.

Content from JCK magazine and exert from Stone Born from Lightening