JCK Jewelers Choice Awards

These rings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces were top winners in the JCK choice awards and there are some stunning pieces and it goes without saying some very talented designers. Photos and content courtesy JCK magazine and the individual designers. There are jaw dropping pieces here. The Tanzanite ring with diamonds and inlaid opal is lovely and the price of Tanzanite has for sure skyrocketed, after all, it is considered the gemstone find of the century.

The first ring was winner in the engagement ring category. It is an emerald cut center stone with baguettes. Over 2 carat center stone and baguettes all set in platinum. $45,000

26 carats of cushion cut Morganite and round diamond earrings, $4702.00, this compared to the engagement ring we just saw is a bargain.

18 carat rose gold engagement ring with knife edged band and crown set with 58 diamonds. The price is $1900.00 without the center stone. Nice to see rose gold used in an award winning piece of jewelry.

The best in statement piece is this 20.09 carat oval diamond ring. It is on sale for $4,200,000. That is quite a statement.

Unusual and gorgeous pendant in Mexican fire opals, colorless opals and tsavorite garnet.18 k gold and the price is $28,000

Best in bracelet design and my favorite is this diamond and sapphire bracelet in 18 k white gold. $15,389.

Hand painted chameleon bracelet with olive, amethyst, aquamarine, and ruby in rhodium plated sterling silver. $675.00 I included this not because I liked it but because of the hand painting and placement of all the gemstones. $675.00

White and fancy colored diamond semi mount in rose, yellow and white gold. The price is $4495.00 without center stone.

Larimar dangle earrings $1500.00 I did not include diamond hoops and or diamond dangle earrings in kite and round shaped diamonds.

Handmade brushed 18 k yellow gold hinged bracelet with bezel set melee and pave diamonds. Winner f the yellow gold division. $23,000

Art deco style platinum ring in diamonds and blue sapphire, my other favorite piece. $10,875.00.

Free form Australian opal with diamonds in 18 k yellow gold. $4595.00.

3.3 carat purple garnet and diamond necklace, $2495.00. Spectacular trillion garnet.

Lotus garnet and diamond ring in rose gold, $1795.00

15.1 carat Tanzanite, diamonds, and inlay Australian opals. $28,000 in 14 k yellow gold

5.5 carat peacock tanzanite and diamond ring $9595.00

Colored stone jewelry

Convertible Titanium earrings with Indicolite Tourmaline, Paraiba Tourmaline, Tsavorite Garnet, and diamond earrings in 18 k white gold. $59,850

7 carat Morganite with diamonds in 18 k white and rose gold.

Cluster ring with Tourmaline, Emeralds, and white diamonds. $2900.00 I think this is another favorite.

These are some of the pieces that won awards, there is also the Men’s jewelry category and there was a pearl necklace and other diamond pieces i earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. I was glad to see the awards going to the colored gemstones. Granted everyone loves diamonds, but the colored gemstones needed to be recognized for their beauty and richness of color.

One more ring won an award for Lab Diamond and of course it is a Charles and Colvard Moissanite ring. Moissanite is an “outer space” so to speak stone. It came in on a meteorite but there was not enough Moissanite to do a lot with, so the only thing that could be done was to grow some more and the truth is there are those who prefer it because it has twice the brilliance of the from the earth diamond. Many times Moissanite will register as diamond on a diamond tester. And the ring below is gorgeous,.

This is a 10 mm moissanite with the diamond equivalent of 5.11 carat weight