Direct shopping with Instagram

I remember when I first heard of Instagram and thought it was just a site for teenagers to chat with their friends, boy was I off on that one. Instagram has become a shopping force to be reckoned with. It is now possible to shop directly from their sight instead of being transferred to another site. Of course please make sure you can shop from this sight first, then click check out with Instagram, and give the regular information necessary, name, shipping and mailing address, form of payment. Once this is done you will not need to do it again.

Instagramers will no longer be transferred to another website, unless it is not shoppable on Instagram. It will take a little time and I have no doubt that all the popular shopping sites will be up soon on Checkout Instagram. It may be a good idea once you connect billing information on the site that you have a 2 way authentication offered by Instagram.

Check it out with Instagram and see if items you are interested in can be purchased on Instagram. All the biggies will be there soon. MichaelKors Burberry, Oscardelarenta, should be there now. Maccosmetics,colourpopcosmetics, and Zara should all be in operation by now. So shoppers, go do your stuff, and see how you like it.

So shoppers, ready, set, go. Find out if your favorite boutique has joined Checkout Instagram.

Text only ads are a daily challenge. The object is to make it alluring and entertaining and attention grabbing. It also has to be directed to the existing customer and future customers. You want it to make the customer remember your brand. People in general do not want to read a novel, make it quick to the point and clever. Easy, right? No, especially considering this needs to be done on a daily basis. You have to keep your brand on the tip of a customers tongue. Instagram is full of photos, so that part is covered. If you have some attention grabbing text message in between the photos, it will stand out well, forgive me, like a sore thumb and it will get read.

Hats off the the test ad writer with these ads

Hoop earrings are always around. The regular silver or gold hoop is a staple of many jewelry boxes. I am not a fan of plain gold or silver hoop earrings. I do not especially look good in hoops, but I have seen some that I wish I did look good in them. Those are the gemstone hoops. They are stunning; For this blog I will show the sapphire earrings. They say hoops are back in a big way but I didn’t know they ever left. I feel like at times I am the only person not wearing hoops.

Turquoise season is also here. I am not a big fan of turquoise, rather I wasn’t until I saw some of the pieces done with gemstones. I am not fond of some Turquoise for one reason, I do not want Turquoise with the veins, Sleeping beauty Turquoise and Persian Turquoise is another thing altogether. They are the most beautiful robin’s egg blue without the veins. They look beautiful by themselves or with gemstones. A halo of sapphires around a Persian Turquoise is perfect. Turquoise is a stone that looks great in gold or silver. It all depends on how much you want to spend on the Turquoise and the metal.

As far as purchasing Turquoise you have to know your seller. Like everything else, there are stones that are beautiful blue and have a gleam to them but they are fake stones. Since natural Turquoise is porous, and does not have a natural gleam, it must be treated and that means a clear finish over the top of the cabochon to make it shiny.

Anyone who does like Turquoise, have a preference over the stones they favor. Some do love the veins and the different colors of veins and where the Turquoise is mined is going to determine the quality of the stone. Just be careful who you purchase from. For sure Persian Turquoise is the most expensive, followed by Sleeping Beauty.