Big Surprise, Jareds has highest customer retention.

Jared the Galleria of Jewelry had the highest numbers in customer loyalty than five other chain store for this past Valentines Day. Cuebiq in New York an intelligence and measurement company measured the numbers.

Using location data from 72 million app users, they analyzed the data on how many times customers visited, Jared, Zales, Swarovski, Pandora, and Helzberg Diamonds. 43 percent of customers went to Pandora, 23 percent went to Helzberg diamonds. they were on the bottom. But Jared had the lowest return rate, 83 percent of the customers went one time and did not return, probably after customers saw what they had spent, I would shop elsewhere myself.

Overall the jewelry sales for Valentines Day were much lower than expected and only picked up the closer it got to Valentines day.

One out of every three smart phone users uses Gas Buddy, and this is the app Cuebiq used to get the information. The company’s executive vice president of marketing, Valentina Marastoni-Bieser, says that users of the apps have to “opt in” to provide the location info and that they have the options of turning the tracking off. She says all the users’ data is provided anonymously, and the company’s practices are “privacy compliant.”

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This is not a joke or a gimmick. Earrings, watches, and rings can be used to administer contraceptive medication. Earrings would require three layers. The first layer would adhere to the item, the second layer would contain the hormone and the third layer adheres to the wearer and it would work like a skin patch.

There are the contraceptive patches, stop smoking patch, weight loss patch, why not have it on jewelry, and the jewelry is much more attractive than a patch.

A woman could acquire these drug-loaded earring backs and then use them with various earrings she might want to wear,” said coauthor Mark Prausnitz, a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, in a statement. “We think contraceptive jewelry could be appealing and helpful to women all around the world.” I guess after that all you need to do is remember to put your earrings in.

Hairless rats wore the patches for 16 hours a day and it was determined enough drug was absorbed in the system. Now the catch is of course you would need to refill the earrings probably once a week. Another point, even if they know it works for sure on humans, I would not jump to creating zillions of the little backs before finding out if women will actually use them. I am sure the wearer hopes she is getting the proper amount of medication. A trial run on an individual is not exactly the way you want to do this. Probably something with a for sure it works result. And for goodness sakes don’t forget your earrings.

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British watchmaker Graff is designing watches with 5 of the most endangered species according to World Wildlife. The GyroGraff endangered species watches have recently become available, 4 out of 5 that is. The dials will depict the faces of elephant, tiger,panda, gorilla and rhino.

The animal faces were fabricated using a combination of polished metal parts and gemstones, a technique Graff calls “diamond marquetry.” Each watch is unique in size, weight, and cut and features GyroGraff’s signature double-axis tourbillon, spherical moon-phase complications, and a power-reserve indicator at 1 o’clock. The watches are a work of art each one in itself.

The dials feature between three and six gold mounts, and each mount holds a number of white or black gold plaquettes (small plates). And each plaquette bears a number that can be seen only under a microscope and that corresponds to the gold part or stone created specifically for it. Phew. 

It is the gem-setter’s job to match these up during assembly, according to the company, and “There is no room for error.” Clearly! Talk about detailing and yes, quite, no room for errors. Such detailing.

Here’s how Graff builds the dials: The first layer is a background of midnight blue aventurine. Then the animal form is built up, piece-by-piece, “using the mounts, the plaquettes, and the decorative elements—diamonds, pieces made of polished rhodium-plated white gold or matte or micro-blasted black gold, and, only in the case of the tiger you will find cognac sapphires. Just stunning.

Some of these pieces are impossibly small. The polished gold cabochon that makes up the elephant’s eye, for one, is a mere 0.9 mm across.

All five Endangered Species models boast a 48 mm white gold case decorated with invisible mosaic-set baguette-cut diamonds. And each watch comes on a black alligator strap with a diamond-set deployment clasp buckle.

We’ll take one of each, please. What a unique and wonderful thing to create, and get the word out, we will no longer have these species if we are not careful, that would be a tragedy.

Photos Courtesy of Graff

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