Black Nail Polish

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The color of nail polish that best matches your personality is black! People with this color personality are serious, strong, independent, and goal-oriented. While some people have a negative view of this color, seeing it as evil or bad, it has also been associated with intelligence, wealth, power, as well as mystery.

Nowadays, black nail polish has become more mainstream, and the wearer is no longer considered Goth or depressed wearing black manicure. The meaning of black nail polish has evolved to point out the daring, rebellious femme fatale attitude anyone opting for black nails would like to convey.

Black nail polish has been predominantly used in the goth culture, it was mainly a goth thing and also used by some rock and rollers “kiss”, nowadays this trend is changing and just about everyone is using black nail polish so it’s no longer just a goth thing, it has become a trend. Black nail polish accentuates skin color and makes you stand out, it can also be quite empowering, and give one a don’t mess with them look!

black nail polish is symbolic in the goth culture and is to create an impression, but modernly it has become more of a trend and no longer only symbolizes gothic or emo cultureBlack nail polish is not necessarily bad or stupid.

A color of nail polish mainly used by the people us posers think of as “goths” or “punks“. Excessively used to draw attention usually towards cuts. Used way too much.
“OOoo I’m going to go to Hot Topic just to get black nail polish so I can be called gothic, cut myself, and cry my eyeliner-bled eyes out. Then I will get a studded belt. I am so HxC!