1. At any given moment, about 0.7% of the people in the world are drunk.
  2. There are more English speakers in China than in the United States
  3. When you talk, you spray around 2.5 microscopic saliva droplets per word.
  4. 620 million years ago, an Earth day was only 21.9 hours long. It is extending a little every year.
  5. Our ears and our nose never stop growing.
  6. The human heart can squirt blood to a distance of 30 feet.
  7. Orange juice tastes bad after you’ve brushed your teeth because the toothpaste blocks the sweetness receptors on your tongue.
  8. The name Australia contains three A’s and each of them is pronounced differently
  9. It takes 42 facial muscles to frown but only 17 muscles to smile.
  10. An apple in the morning will keep you more awake than a cup of coffee.