Walking To America

If some of us can recall Eddie Murphy in Coming To America. In the movie, he portrays a prince from Africa who decided to live the American dream by coming to America. But of course in the movies sometimes it seems so easy, it’s the movie this is real life. Despite attempts by the Mexican authorities to stop the migrants from crossing a bridge between Guatemala and Mexico, thousands still managed to successfully make it across the border, reaching Tapachula, Mexico. When you have 7,500 caravans of migrants not all are coming here for the right reason. You will have a problem sooner or later. Not everyone you run across is bad and not everyone you come across is good either. So you’ll have the judge that person as an individual and not as a whole. Some Americans agree with Trump and some don’t. Andres Obrador, who will take on Dec 1, in Mexico suggested on Sunday that the United States, Canada, and Mexico work together to provide support for poor areas of Central America and Mexico. You see that’s only one of the problems I have with that. America needs to take care of its people first. Like that old saying, take care of your own backyard before you throw dirt on someone else’s.  The president amped up his anti-immigration rhetoric the following day, writing on Twitter that there were “Criminals and unknown Middle Easterners” among the caravan. But I wonder if any of the governments of the countries these people are coming from would be happy to take in thousands of people with no means of supporting themselves, no place to find shelter at, no way to feed themselves for any real period of time, no way to pay for any medical care they may need, and who have never had any intention of even attempting to come in a legal way. Tell me how many would be willing to take them in with open arms under those circumstances? It’s always the corruption of government that causes the situation like this.                                                                                                                  Image result for images of immigrants coming to america 2018