Could Mark Zuckerberg’s Wife Be Worth More Than Him? Her Shocking Secret Revealed!

(ET, Saturday, June 30, 2018 – Mark Zuckerberg helped to create a whole new world when he unveiled Facebook in 2004. Barely 20 years old, the fresh faced college student knew he had something special with his technological find. But even this genius had no way to predict how Facebook would change the world.

As much as “Mark Zuckerberg” has become a household name for the astronomical success of Facebook launched just 17 years ago, his wife is far from a public figure. In 2012, Mark married Priscilla Chan in the back yard of their $7 million estate. At the young age of 32, this billionaire power couple has been hiding a family secret no one was prepared for! With rumors flying about Mark’s potential departure from Facebook, the real shocker is behind his wife, Priscilla.

She is half of one of the world’s biggest power couples, yet little is known about the first lady of Facebook, Priscilla Chan. The woman who captured the heart of the social network’s billionaire founder and chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, likes to stay out of the spotlight but her philanthropic efforts are second to none. In our recent interview, Chan shared details about her childhood and what it’s like to be married to the face of Facebook.

“We are a private couple, but with Facebook and the world always watching, we obviously don’t get as much privacy as I would like. She laughed, but our drive as a couple to help others goes way beyond the public eye. Mark’s passion for his work is what really made me fall in love with him! As we have shared his passion for so many years I am ready to help people in a different way with my passion that has been on my heart for a long time!”

With over $3 billion in donations over the years, Priscilla shared she wanted to help women and her career as a doctor has enabled her access to top of the line ingredients that can truly help change the world in many ways. As much as Priscilla wants to stay out of the public eye, Mark is extremely proud of his wife’s accomplishments as a Harvard grad, teacher, and doctor.

“My wife and I share the passion of bringing the world together. It’s not good enough if it brings along some people and leaves others behind.” Through our donations and research we have developed many products and systems that make it affordable for the average person. We believe everyone should have a chance to join the movement.”


Since marrying Mark in 2012, Chan has discovered a new passion: for eradicating disease and living a healthier lifestyle. A pediatrician who specializes in childhood disease, Chan convinced her husband last year to fund the Chan-Zuckerberg initiative, whose main focus is health and education. The initiative has also cited a long-term goal of working towards eradicating all disease by the end of the 21st century.

Zuckerberg wants to focus on helping people

The daughter of Chinese refugees, Chan is a big believer in Traditional Chinese Medicine and holistic health regimes. She believes that western medicine is incomplete, only striving to treat illness, rather than get to its root cause and cure it. Using a combination of traditional healthcare approaches that date back centuries, in conjunction with modern technology and understanding of disease, Chan and Zuckerberg hope to find cures for thousands of disease now plaguing our society.

While working so hard to find the key to unlocking the answers to curing disease in our lifetime, Zuckerberg and Chan discovered something they hadn’t expected: the fountain of youth. While investigating several all-natural holistic remedies for curing skin cancer, Chan stumbled across a new way to care for the skin. While it may not have been the cancer answer she sought, Chan did learn that the ingredients her researchers were using did seem to push back the hands of time, making the skin look younger, smoother and healthier.

Mark and wife Priscilla are embarking on a joint business venture

Enthralled by the discovery, Chan put a team of researchers on the case, seeing how much they could learn about these all-natural ingredients. It took them months, but what they ultimately invented was amazing: creams and lotions that can strip away decades of skin damage, returning the skin to a more youthful state. Those who initially used the cream reported looking 10-15 years younger in less than a month!

Understanding the full implications of their discovery, Chan quickly patented the invention and talked to her husband about funding the new project. Not really interested in the attention putting their names on the product would create, being the private couple they are, Priscilla decided to release her new skin car line without her name or the “Zuckerberg” name endorsement.

So what is this amazing skin care line? You can find it under the name: Avella Serum Skin Care. Since its release earlier this year, Avella Serum has enjoyed a surge in popularity as celebrities flock to their skin care specialists for the cream.

“It doesn’t matter how old they are, this cream smooth those lines; lightens dark sports; and simply makes you look younger,” said one popular actress. “Who need plastic surgery with this cream?”

With popularity soaring, Avella Serum is now releasing one new anti-aging product called Avella Serum. Aimed at women of all ages, this expansion to the product line is expected to be as big a hit as the original age defying lotion.

“Zuckerberg is a genius! He changed the world with Facebook and now he’s changing the world of skincare. Since discovering Avella Serum I don’t use any other brands anymore, Avella Serum is far superior to all other anti-aging creams on the market.” – Katy Perry
“With a busy lifestyle I noticed signs of premature aging starting to creep onto my skin. I was meeting with Mark and casually mentioned my troubled skin when he told me was creating a skincare line. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and my skin is already 100x better.” – Selena Gomez
“I met Mark during an interview and afterwards he secretly divulged his plans to create a skincare line with Priscilla. Of course I was interested and as a result he ended up sending me a few samples right before they launched. The Avella Serum cream is hands down the best anti-aging cream I’ve ever used.” – Oprah Winfrey
“Surely you’ve all seen those memes of how much I’ve aged since I started office? Since leaving the office I finally have time to do something about it and thanks to Mark and Priscilla, I’ve found a way. I use Avella Serum morning and night!” – Barack Obama


“I had the pleasure of interviewing Prsicilla and afterwards she kindly gave me some samples of their new skincare line to try out. I hate to say it, but I am in love with these creams. Nothing else I’ve used even compares to how effective Avella Serum is.” – Savannah Guthrie