Ranking Michael Jordan’s 23 Greatest Teammates Of All-Time

Accolades: 3-time NBA champion, All-Rookie Second Team

The Bulls’ beloved color commentator was on the first three championship teams for Chicago in the early 90’s. King was a serviceable big man that mainly came off the bench for Jordan’s teams, but when you make calls like this, you deserve a spot on any list:

22. Craig Hodges

Accolades: 2-time NBA champion, 3-time NBA Three-Point Shootout champion

The sharpshooting guard from Cal State Long Beach enjoyed a 10-year career that stretched over four different teams. Hodges provided a spark plug off the bench for two championship runs, although he wasn’t as productive as the Bulls brass would have hoped. His most impressive contribution may have been winning three consecutive Three-Point Shootouts during his time in Chicago.

21. Bryon Russell

Coincidentally, the guy Michael Jordan made his final basket in Chicago over ended up being his teammate during his stint in Washington. Everybody knows Bryon Russell as the guy MJ “pushed off” to make the iconic game winning shot in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals, but most don’t realize that Russell was a very solid player for a number of teams throughout his career. He was a defensive ace that used his size and intelligence to get under the skin of his opponents, and was a capable three-point shooter as well. One of the original 3-and-D wings of the 90’s, Russell deserves more recognition than he has gotten.

20. Quintin Dailey

Accolades: All-Rookie First Team

Before Jordan came to town, it was Quintin Dailey’s (and Orlando Woolridge’s) team. Dailey was a stud at the University of San Francisco, leading the Bulls to take him 7th overall in the 1982 NBA Draft. Dailey was an explosive combo guard that could fill up scoreboards as a spark plug off the bench. His up-tempo style of play would have actually translated quite well in today’s game. Off-court issues followed Dailey for his career, and the Bulls faced major backlash when they acquired him. After he left Chicago, his career quickly dissipated, lasting only six more years in the league.