Humble & Kind

Being humble and kind is such a great thing, there isn’t anything bad about it. You should be confident in everything you do.  Confidence is key to getting ahead in life. While confidence is great, staying humble is very important. You don’t want to be over confident and seem like a jerk, or a know it all. Its perfectly okay to be wrong, and telling someone that you’re wrong. Being kind may seem a little to much to some people but it can get you farther than you think. There can be a little to much kindness, but being kind doesn’t make you weak at all. Always stay humble & kind..

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Everyday Instagram has over 80 million pictures uploaded. Users under the age of 35 use Instagram more than any other age. Considering Instagram was made in 2010. It has grown very big over the years. The amount of likes on Instagram is very high, about 3.5 billion a day! That is so crazy! People have become so addicted to Instagram and other social media’s also like twitter. Twitter is a very popular social media website. It has over 320 million users.

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Interesting Jewelry

The British crown jewels include the massive Cullinan Diamond, a chunk of the biggest ever gem-quality rough diamond ever found. It was discovered in 1905 and weighed 3,106.75 carats, which translates to 621.35g in weight. Blimey, that’s what we call bling!


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Picture Perfect part two

Hey everybody, i left off  at highlight, you use your brush to apply the highlight on your cheeks where we put the concealer and down your nose. Next, you apply the blush to your cheeks, i use more of a bronze blush on my cheeks for a more contour look instead of having to contour. Next i work my way to my eye shadow after i apply the concealer to my eye lids i apply the transition shade in my crease, after that i apply a more shiny darker color depending on what eye palette i use, i then apply a lighter shiny color to my inner corner and, lid blend the colors together more. After that i apply the mascara to my lashes i use to different brands that make my lashes have more volume. When i am completely done with my make up i add a setting spray to make sure my make up is set, and that it last. That’s how to be picture perfect!

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How to look picture perfect

So today I’m going to show you how to look picture perfect! First, when you wake up in the morning, wash your face! Never forget to wash your face!! After washing your face apply the primer, depending on what type of skin you have, whether its dry or oily find the best that fits your skin. Primer is a life saver, it also helps the make up last longer. Next step is to apply the foundation to help with flaws, or maybe to even change your skin tone! I use a beauty blender to apply the foundation, it works very well. I then add the concealer under my eyes and a little line down my nose for the places that I’m going to lighten up or add concealer, blend concealer with beauty blender, but do not blend to the face to hard. Tomorrow we will talk more about highlight, and eyeshadows!

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